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itel P Series Keeps Getting Better: Here’s the Latest on itel P37

As one of itel’s most successful brands, the P series has evolved over the years with new updates and improvements, earning the title, the Max Power series. With the launch of the itel P37 smartphone on May 21, 2021 via a virtual event, the global tech company solidified its place as one of the most practical brands in the world.

The itel P37 empowers you to do so much more, moving a step further than the itel P36 Pro. As you Play with Power, you can step into the exclusive list of the elites who know how to enjoy better life without breaking the bank. There are a lot of things that will blow your mind about the itel P37.

Stand out in Classy, stylish design. Slim is trendy, less bulky and sleek. At 8.9mm, this product rivals others in its category, giving you the confidence you need to step out in style. The gradient purple exterior is pleasant to look at, but you can also get the product in Gradient Blue and Dark Blue. itel P37 is ergonomically designed to sit pretty in your palm as you navigate its user-friendly interface. The large 2.5D screen with a resolution of 1600 x 720 is measured at 6.5 inches for your viewing pleasure.

Do More with Big, powerful battery. Among the many high points of the P series is its patented big, strong 5000mAh lithium polymer battery and the itel P37 lives up to the hype. If you play as hard as you work, you’ll get as much as 24 hours of run time on your itel P37. This also translates to 1.5 days for calling, 3.5 days for music, 1 day video playing and 1-day social media chat.

This battery power is further enhanced by the P37 Power Master that boosts battery performance by up to 10%. Multiple Power-Saver functions, an efficient charger and safe charging components all combine to ensure you get the best from your itel P37 experience.

Play More with Big Memory. The itel P37 eliminates latency and gives you the power to experience easy play and easy fun with its impressive memory. The smartphone has a 32GB internal memory and a 2GB RAM. That is so much room for your official files, movie and music downloads and numerous photo shoots. You can store not less than 13,000 pictures, 9,000 short videos, 300 TV episodes and at least 100 movies.

To free up more space, all you have to do is compress your photos. Simply go to the AI Gallery, select the photos of your choice and click Compress. What’s more, you can move swiftly between apps without flashbacks or delays; associated with having too many apps running in the background.

Adorn your social media pages. Take advantage of itel P37’s AI Camera 3.0 with multiple photography modes for beautiful selfies and outstanding rear shots. Explore the several settings and filters like HDR, Face Beauty, AI Sticker, Smile Shot and Dark Light Mode (great for poorly-lit environments). At 8MP and 5MP respectively, the rear and front cameras will help you slay as much as you want, for as long as you want.

Go Extra with Power. itel’s incredible artificial intelligence comes to bear with the itel P37. The easy 3-finger swipe screenshot function is a pointer to itel’s penchant for growth and advancements that make life easier for everyone. Just place 3 fingers on the screen and swipe down to take and save screenshots.

Another great addition is the Flip Mute function that helps to prevent embarrassing situations. How many times have you felt stupid in a meeting when your phone suddenly rang out and you spent at least 30 seconds trying to shut it down? With the P37 Flip Mute, all you have to do is flip the phone to silence it.

Now you can Play with Power and join the big league without putting a hole in your pocket. The itel P series keeps getting better, and with the itel P37, there is more power for more talk, more chat, more play, more media and more freedom. Why not get on the itel side and enjoy better life?



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