Google to replace Android Beam with ‘Fast Share’

Tech Gaint Search Company, Google is introducing a new software for files sharing between one or more device in Android. The new app is called Fast Share. The new files sharing app is replacing the dead Android Beam.

The Android Beam is an NFC-based sharing technology which was introduced by Google introduced in 2011 with Android version 4.0. This NFC method simply allowed you to place your phones back and back and move photos, videos, whatever from one user to another.

Now, the Fast Share is coming with an enhance technology that will work without using Internet connection. It will use Bluetooth and location to be enabled to initiate a handshake and then subsequently transfers files over a direct Wi-Fi connection. This will allow for larger files to be transferred much more quickly than Android Beam.

Pictures, URL and short snippets of text can be shared. Interestingly, it looks like Fast Share will work not just with Android phones, but also smartwatches, Chrome OS devices and even iPhones.

You need to enable Fast Share to make your device visible to others. However, the Preferred Visibility function lets your friends send you things even when the feature is turned off.

The company has not given the official launching date for Fast Share, but it is currently available in the Android Q Beta for certain devices.

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