Huawei seeks trademark for HongMeng in 10+ countries

It’s no longer news that Huawei is on a journey to launch its own Operating System known as HongMeng OS in October after receiving a ban from U.S government. It was recently reported that the mobile giant company, Huawei has shipped over 1 million devices for testing purposes and now, they are working hard on trademarking the HongMeng name in a growing number of countries across the world.

Huawei seeks trademark for HongMeng in 10+ countriesu

The latest report from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Global Brand Database has revealed that a request to trademark the HongMeng name has been filled in a broad list of countries including Australia, Canada, Cambodia, the European Union, Indonesia, India, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, and Thailand.

Last month, the HongMeng trademark was approved by the Chinese National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA). The trademark descriptions reveal that HongMeng will be used for a range of devices from smartphones to tablets and PCs.

Huawei also has its own App Gallery store but will need to bring most of the top apps there if it wants to stay relevant. In the end, more competition leads to better products so we’re looking forward to seeing what Huawei’s HongMeng OS has in store.



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