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MediaTek Latest Processor Helio M70 with 5G modem is official

Meet MediaTek latest chipset Helio M70 that comes with 5G modem after the company promised to launch it some weeks back.

MediaTek at the Computex 2019 event in Taiwan launched its latest chipset Helio M70 with multi-mode 5G network.

Helio M70 was built using 7nm FinFET process technology, ARM’s Cortex-A77 CPU, Mali-G77 GPU and MediaTek‚Äôs advanced AI Processing Unit (APU).

Features of Helio M70

MediaTek’s Helio M70 has a bunch of features but the key features include;

  • The multi-mode in the Helio M70 chipset supports 2G, 3G, and 4G networks even in an area that’s not covered by the 5G antennas.
  • Helio M70 has dynamic bandwidth switching technology that allocates 5G bandwidth required for specific applications to improve modem power efficiency by 50 percent and comprehensive power management.
  • The Helio M70 has powerful multimedia & Imaging performance that support up to 4K video encode/decode at 60fps and super high-resolution cameras.
  • For the speed, Helio M70 has 4.7Gps download (sub-6GHz) and 2.5 Gbps upload speeds with support for New Radio (NR) 2 Component Carrier (CC).
  • It also supports both non-standalone (NSA) and standalone (SA) 5G network architectures.
  • Helio M70 has New AI (Artificial Intelligence) architecture that supports more advanced AI applications, such as image de-blur that allows users to take great shots even while on the motion.

According to MediaTek, Helio M70 will be available for OEMs by Q3 of 2019 and products with the chipset should be available in the market at the beginning of 2020.

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