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How To Make A Return on Investment With The Taco Bell Franchise

Opening a franchise from one of the giants in the food service industry is an excellent choice for a business venture. That is why you decided to become a Taco Bell franchise owner a few years ago. Indeed, you were gaining profit regularly, and your franchise is still doing very well up until now. However, so many things have changed in your local business scene, and the competition has been growing. New restaurants and food service franchises have also opened up. You wouldn’t want to get left behind and start losing revenue in the coming months. You have to take steps to keep your business afloat and raise more revenue.

How To Make A Return on Investment With The Taco Bell Franchise

Check out these franchising tips to help maintain and boost your Taco Bell franchise’s profit margin:

Boost Digital Marketing

In this digital age, it’s imperative for any business to have a strong online presence. As a modern business owner, you should already know the impact of top-notch digital marketing for your Taco Bell franchise. Having a website for your business is a good start, but digital marketing doesn’t just end there. There are more ways you can do to ace your Taco Bell franchise’s digital marketing efforts and drive more sales for your business. Here are some strategies you should try:

  • Optimize Your Website – Your website has to be a lead generating machine. So, you have to make sure that it’s both user and search engine friendly. You can achieve this by using SEO or search engine optimization on your website. It’s convenient to have an in-house SEO expert, but you’ll have to go through the hiring process and add another employee on your payroll. If hiring isn’t your priority, you can have an SEO agency do it for you instead. You’ll have to pay them for their service, but it’s a good investment that has definite results in the form of web traffic and lead generation.

SEO revolves around the use of relevant keywords and phrases on your website’s content and embedded codes. It’s easier to do it on the visible content as it only requires the wise placement of relevant keywords that are related to most search terms on search engines by your target market. However, when it comes to the coding part, an expert should be able to help you. You also have to make sure that you’re updating your website frequently. Post new blog entries and announcements. If there’s a need to give your website a makeover then go ahead and do it.

  • Leverage on Social Media Marketing – You can tap into social media websites and entice foodies to come over to your Taco Bell restaurant. There are millions of social media users who would love to try the nearest and newest restaurants in town. All that needs to be done is to make them aware that your Taco Bell franchise exists. So, you have to post more on it and maybe pay a few ad spaces on the newsfeed. Also, you can graciously ask customers to take a selfie whenever they dine in your restaurant. You can also ask them to leave positive reviews and ratings.
  • Launch an Email Marketing Campaign – Reach out to office workers around town who may not have heard about your Taco Bell franchise or maybe remind others to come and dine again. Send them marketing emails and offer freebies or discounts. Perhaps you also have something new on the menu, and regular customers would be delighted to know. They can bring along some of their friends when they find out about it from their emails.

Embrace Technology

If hundreds of customers come in but about a third don’t get entertained immediately, this could hurt your customer service performance. This can also lead them to leave and go to the next burger joint across the street. Technology aims to bring convenience, and your Taco Bell franchise can use it, too. You can update your cashier’s machines to ones that have faster computers. You can also install tablet menus where customers can input their orders. This can help save you from additional labor costs. Also, see if your kitchen can use some new dispensing machines that regulate the use of ingredients so you don’t end up with wastes. When you use technology for the convenience of both your customers and employees, your business will gain more loyalty from satisfied diners and a happy crew.

How To Make A Return on Investment With The Taco Bell Franchise

Improve Online Ordering Service

Another way of using technology to drive more sales is to tap into customers without having them come to your Taco Bell restaurant. You can instead deliver their much-loved Taco Bell quesadillas to their homes or offices. Your delivery hotline should already be in place and make sure it’s always operational. You can also incorporate a delivery system into your website. Customers can browse and click on their selected orders and wait for it to be delivered in a few minutes. Just make sure that the ordering process is intuitive and that your website loads fast. You can take this online ordering approach even further by making your delivery service available through food delivery mobile apps like UberEats, GrubHub, and Seamless. These food delivery apps make it easier for customers to place orders and set delivery using only their iPhones and Android phones.

Take Analytics Seriously

Any business owner is conscious of revenue. As a Taco Bell franchise owner, you’re probably profit-conscious as well. After all, gaining more revenue is a sign of good business health and growth. There is no doubt that you’ve been monitoring your business performance through reports and analytics. If you want to raise your return of investment (ROI) even more, you can use this data to identify weak areas of your business operations that need to be improved. You can also take note of seasonal changes in sales, so you’re prepared for times that you’ll need to double your marketing efforts. This will also tell you which aspects of your franchise operation have to be maintained.

Final Thoughts

As a Taco Bell franchise owner, you have a responsibility to keep the brand’s credibility and integrity. That is why customer satisfaction should always be at the heart of your business. Applying for the franchise already cost you a big deal of capital so getting more revenue should help you get that amount back. You can best achieve this through quality service and food. Also, you should always be ready to make changes for improvement.





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