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Twitter may soon let you edit tweets

One of the features we all have been anticipating to see on Twitter for is the ability to edit tweet which has published. Now, a new report from claimed that Twitter has considered the possibility of inserting a system that will allow users to change a tweet after its publication.

The news was confirmed by Jack Dorsey, the American entrepreneur and creator of Twitter during a large interview on the occasion of The Joe Rogan Experience.

During the episode # 1236, the presenter Joe Rogan suggested to Jack to insert this feature receiving an affirmative answer: Twitter is evaluating ” exactly that”.

According to Dorsey, once a tweet has been sent, users should have a space between 5 and 30 seconds to edit it. Thanks to this system, the nature of “conversation in real time” that has always distinguished Twitter from other social networks would remain unchanged. Completed the change, however, the original post would still be viewable at any time.

Here’s the full rundown of the conversation:

Rogan: The ability to edit, like if you make a typo or something like that. But also the ability for people to see the original.

Dorsey: We’re looking at exactly that. The reason we don’t have edit in the first place is we were built on SMS, we were built on text messaging. Once you send a text, you can’t take it back. So when you send a tweet it goes to the world instantaneously. You can’t take it back.

You could build it as such so maybe we introduce a 5-second to 30-second delay in the sending. And within that window, you can edit. The issue with going longer than that is it takes that real-time nature of the conversational flow out of it.

Rogan: Isn’t clarity more important? You’re still going to have the ability to communicate quickly.

Dorsey: It depends on the context. If you’re in the context of an NBA game, you want to be fast and in the moment. You want to be raw. But if you’re in the context of considering what the president just did or making a particular statement, then you probably need some more time. And we can be dynamic there.

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