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Long-Term Review Of Itel S33 (LIVE)

Long-Term Review Of Itel S33 – One of the biggest announcements from Itel Mobile in 2018 was the introduction of itel S33. The device was launched in October 2018 alongside her younger sister, itel S13. The two devices are itel selfie-focused smartphones with a 13MP Selfie camera.

In October 2018, I did a Live review of the Itel S13 which revealed the in-depth performance of the device. From the review, we could see how powerful the device is. You can read the full story here.

You can also read similar Live review of Itel P32  here: LIVE battery test/review of Itel P32 4000mAh capacity

Well, unlike the Itel S13, I have not been able to do a review of the Itel S33. So that’s why in this post, I would be conducting a long-term review of the Itel S33. As usual, it would be live review and it will cover everything about the device.

Long-Term Review Of Itel S33

So guys, let’s take a quick look in what the Itel S33 packed so that we can how to judge the performance of the device.

About Itel S33

Itel S33 packed a MediaTek MT6580 with a 4-core processor that clocks at a normal speed of 1.3GHz. In the graphics department, the ARM Mali-400 MP2 graphics is in charge. Alongside this, we have 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM that can be expanded up to 32GB.

The Itel S33 is powered with the latest Android 8.1 Oreo (Go Edition) and a 3000mAh battery. There is also a fingerprint and Face unlock for security. The itel S33 costs NGN34,000 in stores across Nigeria.

So, guys, the Live review of Itel S33 would be going live on Wednesday 13, 2019, Time: 9:00 AM

Live Review Ended

NOTE: This post will be updated automatically.

13/02/2019 – 09:07PM

The itel S33 is an amazing device at a pocket friendly price of N35,000. It is neatly design and the performance is quite fascinating. The images captured with the dual 8MP rear camera are outstanding.

The Android Go features available in the device makes everything mind-blowing.

Well, it would have be great if the device runs at least 2GB RAM for faster processing and 4000mAh battery capacity for longer battery life. I understand that the Itel S-series focused on Selfie unlike the P-series that focused on Power so if you’re going for Itel S33 then you should consider having a back-up power so that your daily means can be achieved.

13/02/2019 – 08:36PM



13/02/2019 – 07:56PM

Another interesting feature available in the Itel S33 is the i-Smart.

This makes your device to work smarter.

From here, you can set: Three touch screenshot, Wake on gesture, One hand mode, smart false touch rejection mode, and Fake calls.

13/02/2019 – 07:45PM

Security – The Itel S33 is quipped with 6 level security which are: PIN, Password, Fingerprint, Pattern, Swipe, and Face ID.

This is the first ever Itel device here in Nigeria that supports Face ID. Itel also call it Biology ID. The Face ID works so well in day time but sometimes malfunction at night. I mean it sometimes malfunction when there’s absent of light.

To set up your Face ID for itel S33 is simple. Just make sure that you set either Pattern security or PIN then you’re good to go.

For the Fingerprint, it works beyond unlocking your phone as you can use it to take a photo, answer a call,  call recorder and stop alarm clock.

Apart from that, the Fingerprint has hidden feature known as Fingerprint shortcut. Here, you can set 5 fingers to unlock 5 apps of your choice. Meaning that, you can set a finger to unlock WhatsApp, set another finger for Twitter and others.

13/02/2019 – 07:18PM

Networking – The Itel S33 support dual Micro SIM. The SIM slot is at the back of the device once you open the cover.

The network connectivity supported here in the Itel S33 are 2G and 3G. You are allowed to choose the network type of your choice and the network performance is quite impressive especially if your ISP coverage is excellent in your area. The indoor network strength is also great.

13/02/2019 – 07:12PM

Geekbench 4 keeps crashing once it get to 55%. I don’t know the reason why it keeps crashing but I will test another version of Geekbench app with the device.

13/02/2019 – 07:08PM

The results for 3DMark is available.

13/02/2019 – 06:45PM

The results for AnTuTu Benchmark is available. Stress test and Multi touch is also included.

13/02/2019 – 05:43PM

Design – A quick look at the right side of the device, we have the volume rocker and the power button. This is the regular design available in all Itel devices.

13/02/2019 – 05:43PM

Design – Below the screen, we have the Micro USB guided with the dual speaker. The position of the speakers is quite interesting. The sound quality is amazingi. It sounds loud enough. Although, I’m not the fan of loud speaker. I prefer my thing via Bluetooth neckband (Anker).

13/02/2019 – 05:36PM

Design – Here’s the top of the Itel S33. The only thing available here is the 3.5mm head jack.

Well, you will also notice some curve lines. I guess, it just part of the design. Nothing serious is connected to it.

13/02/2019 – 05:14PM

Design – Below is the rear view of the Itel S33.

One of the noticeable thing you will see here is the dual camera which is sharing the same space with the flashlight. A lot of sample pictures has been taken with this camera and as you can see, they are amazing.

Apart from the dual camera, the well position Fingerprint scanner is also available here. This works just so great. It unlock the phone quite well and it can also do other things which will be stated later in this post.

Apart from that, we also have the Itel logo just beneath the Fingerprint.

If you look so well, you will also notice the curve edges available. This help the device to sit comfortable in your palms.

It will also good for you to know that the device is build with plastic and it can get scratch if it is expose. Although, a plastic cover is available for protection but I’m the type of person that love exposing my phone so as to showcase the beauty. 😎

13/02/2019 – 05:04PM

The results for GFXBench is ready. Others are coming soon.

13/02/2019 – 05:01PM

The phone switched off even when charging with power bank. I guess the USB cord or the power bank is fault.

13/02/2019 – 03:37PM

Battery percentage is now in 0% and I have attached power bank to it.

Currently heading to Ikeja City Mall.

My stomach is turnioniown.

13/02/2019 – 03:28PM

If you’re heavy phone user and you’re interested in the Itel S33 then you should concern getting a standby power bank so  as to support your usage for a full day.

13/02/2019 – 03:20PM

The battery level is now 1%.

13/02/2019 – 03:08PM

Alright, let’s quickly talk about the storage of the device. The Itel S33 is quipped with 1GB of RAM and 16GB internal storage unlike the S13 with 8GB ROM.

Due to the fact that the device is low-range smartphone, I can’t criticize the muilt-tasking of the device.

It can run a lot of applications at once but it most times loss memory when navigate from one app to the other.

Current battery level after extensive usage.

13/02/2019 – 03:00PM

They just handed over my registered business certificate. Damn, I am disappointed. The certificate as undergo serious torture. Meanwhile, the business was registered in August 2018.

13/02/2019 – 02:47PM

The camera department of this device is quipped with 13MP front facing camera and dual 8MP at the back. In this review, I have taken pictures with both sides of the camera. The pictures are amazing especially the dual 8MP at the back but I’m not really certify with the front facing camera. The pictures taken with the back camera are always on point but for the front camera, I think Itel can do better.


Below are features available in the camera settings of the Itel S33.

13/02/2019 – 02:31PM

Current battery level

13/02/2019 – 02:28PM

Currently at Corporate Affairs Commission Ikeja

13/02/2019 – 01:33PM

Just passed through Itel Mobile exclusive store in Ikeja and I decided to say hello.

Battery level: 24%

13/02/2019 – 01:00 PM

Hello Ikeja!!

Battery level: 29%

13/02/2019 – 12:39 PM

Hello Oshodi!

13/02/2019 – 11:58 AM

Currently installing some bench marking apps so that we can get the in-depth performance of the device. The results would be uploaded when done.

13/02/2019 – 11:49 AM

Current battery level and numbers of app used so far

13/02/2019 – 11:38 AM

So, how does the Google Go Apps works on Itel S33? Well, the Google Go apps works here in Itel S33 just like any other Android Go devices.

The Google Assistant is your personal assistant which helps you to navigate, get things done when you communicate with it.

The Google Assistant knows you by Name and it can sing, play a game with you and search for things online for you.  You have to sign-in your Gmail to experience the Google Assistant more.

YouTube Go is the lite version of the regular YouTube app that is built to allow you download, enjoy and share videos while using YouTube.

To use the Youtube Go, you must have a working Gmail account and a working mobile number because a code (OTP code) would be sent to the number to validate your account.

Next is the Maps Go. The Maps Go works just like the regular Google Map but here, the apps have been simplified.

The Maps Go works with the GPS of your phone to give you direction and navigate to places.

Next is Google Go. The Google Go to me is the master switch which connects you to other Go apps. It works just like your where you can search for things online.

It also has an inbuilt browser that links you to different apps. Inside the Google Go, you have 13 categories which include: Social, Entertainment, Google, Games, Sports, News, Shopping, Reference, Banking, Government, Travel, Education, and Jobs.

Any of your favorite website or online platforms can be used right in the Google Go and you also a Lite web page of the website which help loads the web pages faster even on a slow network.


13/02/2019 – 11:16 AM

Now, let’s discuss about the Operating System rocking the Itel S33. The Itel S33 is running on Android 8.0.1 Oreo Go Edition.

This is a special operating system from Google designed for low-range devices using 1GB of RAM. Apart from Itel S33, other recent released devices like Itel P32, Itel, A32F and Itel S13 are also rocking this OS.

So the device is preloaded with Google Go apps, like the Google Go, Youtube Go, Gmail, Assistant and Maps Go.

Battery level: 62%

13/02/2019 – 11:00 AM

If you’re observing, you will have noticed that the battery drainage of the device have reduced ever since I switched to WiFi. Normally, battery consumption of mobile data for internet is high compare to using WiFi.

Presently, the battery level is: 66%

13/02/2019 – 10:47 AM

Lol… everyday something weird must happen here at Ajah – Oshodi LAG bus garage. The ticker just shared Abuja Mass transit ticket to the passengers at the rate of N50. Meanwhile they collected the regular fee N300.

Battery level: 69%


13/02/2019 – 10:34 AM

Now inside LAG bus going to Oshodi.

Battery level: 73%

13/02/2019 – 10:32 AM

Here are some pictures of Jubilee Bridge Ajah taken with the dual 8MP camera of the Itel S33. Note: Pictures are not filtered.

Battery level: 74%

13/02/2019 – 10:19 AM

Now closing to Ajah garage. As usual, traffic everywhere.

Battery level: 76%

13/02/2019 – 10:12 AM

Guys, I’m currently experiencing bad network inception from my mobile data (MTN). Now, I’m switching over to my MiFi with 4G LTE.

Battery level: 78%

13/02/2019 – 10:04 AM

Here’s what the 6 inches of the Itel S33 look like.

Battery level: 81%

13/02/2019 – 9:54 AM

Here are the features of the Itel S33. A break down of their performance would be discussed in this review later.

Battery level: 83%

13/02/2019 – 9:44 AM

Currently location: Bogije.

Here is the default app drawer.

Battery level: 86%

13/02/2019 – 9:32 AM

Just passed through Ibeju Lekki. So far, I’m currently rocking only three apps which are WhatsApp Business, Twitter and Chrome. Battery percentage is now at 88%. The battery is dropping pretty fast unlike the Itel P32.

13/02/2019 – 9:20 AM

Guys, I have left Epe now going to Ajah. The update maybe delayed due to network coverage. So, I would be playing some music to keep me busy. Battery percentage is now at 92%.

13/02/2019 – 9:10 AM

As you know, the Itel S33 is powered with 3000mAh battery and as at now, the phone is now in 95%. No serious pressing as taken place.

Long-Term Review Of Itel S33

13/02/2019 – 9:06 AM

On the move to garage. Selfie taken with the 13MP front facing of the Itel S33.

13/02/2019 – 9:00 AM
Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen. The much anticipate long-term Live review of Itel S33 is here.

Today, I shall be putting the Itel S33 to a live review and the review would cover the battery performance, RAM, ROM, body build and others.

So, the phone is fully charged 100%.

Meanwhile, I would be moving from Epe to Ikeja and same time b updating this post via the Itel S33.

Thanks for seeing you around. I hope you enjoyed it.



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