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See how to use UBA Whatsapp Banking

UBA Whatsapp Banking

UBA WhatsApp Banking has just been launched along with some other Banking sectors that also announced the service.

UBA WhatsApp Banking

UBA WhatsApp Banking is just like Access Whatsapp Banking which is already active and it allows its customers to perform some basic banking services such as the opening of an account, checking account balances on the go, request Payday Loan, BVN Display and many more. You can read about Access Whatsapp Banking here

UBA WhatsApp Banking is also now active and UBA customers who want to do more get things done in the blink of an eye can now have a chat with Leo from the WhatsApp messenger.

Chatting with Leo on WhatsApp, the customer has instant access to carry out these services shown below;

  • Checking Account balances on the go
  • Transfer Funds
  • Paying bills and other services available

How to Use UBA WhatsApp Banking with Leo

To use the WhatsApp banking feature;

  • Add this number to your mobile contacts +23409030002455
  • Search for it on your WhatsApp contact list with the name you saved it with and send “Hi
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions by replying with 1
  • Follow the provided link to register using your UBA account number
  • You will be given an OTP (One Time Password) to enter on WhatsApp and you can start enjoying your UBA WhatsApp chat with Leo.


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