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EaseUS Reviewed: An Effective Data Recovery Software?

Sometimes it is easy to forget just how much we depend on our laptops’ hard drives. It is when disaster strikes, in the form of lost data, that we truly understand its importance. Losing important data is a nightmare for many.

Luckily, we live in a time when there is file recovery software available. Since data recovery isn’t something that people do every day, the masses don’t want to invest in such software. Instead, they try to find a free data recovery software that will do the trick. Normally, this software is not worth the hassle.

However, recently, we found a free software which succeeded in satisfying us in the shape of EaseUS. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is packed with value-added features. It is a surprise since most free software is not up to the mark.

EaseUS Reviewed: An Effective Data Recovery Software

Features of EaseUS

Ease of recovering data from various data losses

Virus attacks. Accidental deletes. Recovering formatted data. Empty recycle bin data. You name it and EaseUS recovers it all for you. This is what makes this free data recovery software one of the best ones out there. Not only does it recover your data if it lost through mainstream ways like virus attacks, but it also works for instances of crashing of the operating system, damage in hard drive and raw partition.

Option to choose what to recover

Just because you want something you deleted from the recycle bin doesn’t mean you want it all. Some of the stuff you deleted is probably junk that you don’t need to recover. There is some software that recovers it all for you. Now, this means that you need to sift through the files to find the one you are really looking for and delete the rest again. This can be a hassle. Compared to this, we found the preview option in this software to be amazing. You get to preview the data and hence only recover those you need.

Simple process

The more complex the data recovery process is, the more you feel that a professional should be doing it instead. The DIY lover inside most of us is likely to find this frustrating. EaseUS has managed to target its software to laymen by making a software which is very easy to use. All you need to do is click three times and voila your job is done.

Availability of scanning modes

Some data recovery adventures require thoroughness while in others it is fine if you do the bare minimum. To cater to the different needs, EaseUS delivers two types of scanning mode. This includes a deep and quick scan. The latter is preferred for a quick result while the former is needed when you are trying to recover a long lost file.


All the features discussed above make EaseUS data recovery software great at its job. It is hard to find a free software that does the trick. The fact that this software does deliver is a breath of fresh air.



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