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All you need to know about Whatsapp Banking

Implementing technology into the banking system has been the objective of Nigerian banks. This gave birth to the use of USSD Codes for transactions. Now, with the invention of Whatsapp Banking, many banks are either working on implementing it or have made it available to their customers. Two banks already using it are Access Bank and UBA. We will now look at what Whatsapp Banking can do for you and how you can set it up.


Whatsapp Banking services

The services you can carry out through Whatsapp Banking are similar to those on the USSD Codes. They include opening an account, sending money, paying bills, topping up airtime, check balance and more.

How to setup Whatsapp Banking

The process for setting up Whatsapp Banking has been made very easy by each bank to enable more customers to utilize the service. All you need is Whatsapp enabled phone with Whatsapp installed.

Setup for Access bank

All you need to know about Whatsapp Banking

As an Access Bank customer, save the Access Bank mobile number +2349090901901 on your phone and follow these easy steps.

1. Launch the WhatsApp app

2. Send ‘Hi’ to the Access Bank number you saved.

3. A menu will appear for you to select an option select ‘Register’.

5. Input your first and last name, email address, and Access Bank Account Number”

6. Registration is complete

7. Access WhatsApp Banking will ask if further assistance is needed. If none, the session is ended. (Easy right?)

Setup for UBA

UBA went a step further by adding a Virtual Assistant call LEO.  With Leo on WhatsApp, customers who are users and lovers of the app can now perform basic banking services. To enjoy these features save UBA mobile number +2349030002455, and follow the steps below.

1. Open WhatsApp

2. Send “Hi”

3. Accept the terms and conditions by entering 1(one)

4. Follow the provided link to register using your UBA account number

5. Return to Whatsapp, enter the OTP(One Time Password) send to your mobile number and off you go!

FirstBank and GTB (Guarantee trust Bank) have indicated interest to integrate this system of banking and will be launching their mobile numbers soon. Other banks are also expected to join the race sooner.

Even though this is a welcome development, some customers might still not be able to use it, because it’s available to only Whatsapp enabled device. For those who can’t access this feature, the USSD Codes can still be used. Check out our post on all USSD Codes for Nigerian banks HERE.




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