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Airtel Tariff Plans And Migration codes for February 2020

Airtel Tariff Plans And Migration codes for February 2020

Today, I shall be will be giving you all Airtel plans and migration codes for the month of February 2020. It is good for you to know that Airtel has mouth-watering data plans and cheap calls. So without much noise am going to list them up with how they work and how to activate them.

Airtel Tariff Plans And Migration codes for February 2020

List Of All Airtel Tariff Plans And Migration Codes for February 2020

Airtel SmartPremier
Airtel SmartTalk
Airtel SmartTrybe
Airtel SmartTrybe Junior
Airtel SmartConnect
Airtel SmartValue
Airtel Value Plan

Here’s a summary table showing the list of all Airtel tariff plans and migration codes

[table id=6 /]

Let take them one by one.

1. Airtel SmartPremier

On the Smart Premier prepaid tariff plan, you can get an extremely cheap call on Airtel after the first-minute call charge.

All calls to all networks in Nigeria are at 11k/sec after the 1st min of the day at 40k/sec.

All calls to UK landlines, US, India, Canada, and China are at 11k/sec after the 1st min of the day at 40k/sec.

Receive calls for free while roaming for up to 500 minutes/month, you also get a whopping 15mb on every recharge you make.

How to Migrate To SMARTPREMIER

Just dial *318# or send YES to 318.

2. Airtel SmartTalk

Call to all networks in Nigeria are charged at 11 kobos per second from every 1st second for a daily access fee of #5 charged on your first call of the day.

Airtel Smart Talk allows you to make international calls at 20k per second to the USA, Canada, China, India, and UK Landline.

How To Migrate To SMART TALK

Just dial *315# or send YES to 315.

3. Airtel SmartTrybe

Nightcrawlers, I mean night plan users here is your plan.

You can call for as low as 11k/sec on campus when you migrate to Trybe and also opt-in to the campus zone offer by dialing *312*1#.

Enjoy 11k/sec for Trybe Calls also get free access to WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and BBM. Up to 60MB free monthly data (i.e. a maximum of 15MB/week upon recharge of N200 weekly) Pay for 2 SMS, get 5 free.

Enjoy the night plan and data plan at a low cost.

How to migrate to SmartTrybe

Just dial *312# and select migrate or send YES to 312.

For campus offer dial *312*1# or send CAMPUS to 312.

For night plan Dial *312# and choose your offer

4. Airtel SmartTrybe Junior

This line is designed for those that have children at home. If you’re looking for the perfect Airtel call rates for your kids when calling you on the Airtel network, then you must consider switching your child’s line to Airtel SmartTRYBE Junior.

With this Airtel Prepaid plan, you will get.

Free calls & SMS to Mum & Dad from kid’s LINE,

10% bonus of airtime transferred to kid’s line when the parents recharge,

100% bonus on data purchases from 200MB and above to browse and much more.

NERDC approved courses presented in formats that make learning fun for kids.

The first-minute call on Airtel SmartTrybe Junior is charged @ 1st min – 40k/ sec. Subsequent call rates are 11k/seconds to Parents, Family & Friends (FnF ) Calls rates and 20k/seconds to all networks in Nigeria.


Just dial *317# or send YES to 317

5. Airtel SmartConnect

This product is available to all new prepaid Airtel Customers. Just buy and activate a new prepaid Airtel SIM.

200% bonus on all recharges of ₦200 and above.

15MB weekly free data on recharges from N200,

₦300 weekly Family and friends bonus on recharges of N200 and above.

7 Hours of Airtel Night Call between 11 pm and 6 am at 11k/sec.

How to migrate to Airtel SmartConnect

This plan can’t be migrated, just buy a new sim and enjoy the offer.

6. Airtel SmartValue

Call all networks in Nigeria at 15kobo per second (from the very 1st second) no daily access fee.

Make international calls at 20kobo per second to USA, Canada, China, India and UK Landline.

How to migrate to Airtel SmartVALUE

To migrate to the smartVALUE plan;
Simply dial *314#

Migration to this tariff plan is free of charge, so you can migrate from your previous tariff plans for free!

7. Airtel Value Plan

This plan allows you to enjoy amazing call rates at a very low cost. You can call all networks in Nigeria for 11k/ sec.

How to migrate to Airtel Value Plan

To activate, simply dial *243#.

You will get a message welcoming you to the new Airtel value plan with 11k/sec call rates.

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