How to activate Airtel double data bonus via SMS

One of the best ways of getting the right value for your data purchase is through the double data offer, we now have the Airtel Double Data for the Airtel Subscribers just like MTN subscribers have been enjoying the MTN Double Data offer


As we all know that the Airtel Double Data offer has been around for a while now but the problem with the offer is that it is limited to some lines which are not good for others.

For those that have not been able to activate the double data offer on their Airtel line can now do so as this new method will put you through on how you can activate the Airtel Double Data Offer without dropping a sweat.

This new Airtel double data bonus can be done without tweaking or changing your phone IMEI just like the new method of activating MTN Double Data Offer through sending SMS. Click here to Activate MTN Double Data Offer.

Before showing you the new method, you should know this:

Benefits of Airtel Double Data Offer

Just as it is included in the title “Double Data”, what this simply implies is that after activating the offer, you will have access to enjoy the times two (2x) of whatever data plan you are buying from Airtel. And also the plan can be used on Android, iPhone or Blackberry devices.

How To Activate Airtel Double Data Offer

Before doing this you must know that the offer is still sim selective but with this new method, you can become eligible for the offer. To activate offer;

Send “Get” to 141 as SMS

After sending the SMS, you will receive a congratulatory message that your double data has being activated for the next 3 months. But if you are unable to get congratulatory SMS then it means you are not eligible for the offer.


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