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How Glo Data Calculator Works?

The Grand Masters of data, Glo Nigeria has again unveiled a new tool known as Glo Data Calculator. The Glo Data Calculator is a new tool that will help subscribers run an estimate of internet data volume that can be used at a particular time. With this tool, you will be able to know the likely data megabyte you will consume when you perform some certain task online.

How Glo Data Calculator Works?

The Glo Data Calculator will give Glo subscribers the privilege to measure hours of surfing the web (Shopping online, news and others, in minutes/day), use of Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram in minutes/day), hours of streaming non-HD and high-definition videos (Youtube, Netflix and others in minutes/day), as well as time spent online gaming (Candy Crush, Scrabble etc in minutes/day).

Globacom said the calculation of the online activities of subscribers in real time, as it allows them to slide across the various options to determine usage and make an informed decision on an appropriate data plan.

How Glo Data Calculator Works?
🔃First of all, you need to the glo calculator page

🔃You will see several options of data usage medium including social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat etc), web browsing, streaming of videos on YouTube, Netflix, etc and many other options.

🔃Now to calculate the estimated data volume, drag the share icon within the lines separated by minutes and hours.

🔃Assuming you use Social Media for 30 minutes and Browse the internet 30 minutes per day, Glo estimated that you need a data volume of 4.03GB for a month.

🔃You can drag the icon further to see more estimates. There are also more options as you scroll down.

In other news, Glo double data is back with Glo Oga SIM. The Glo Oga SIM data bonus gives you whopping 125% data bonus when you use Glo 4G enabled SIMcardd to subscribe, simply means that, before you can be eligible to enjoy the 125% data bonus from Glo, you need to get a 4G enabled SIM card from Globacom. You can read about it Here.



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