Attention!!! Before upgrading you Airtel SIM to 4G, Kindly read this

Airtel 4G network is out in most states in Nigeria like Lagos, Ibadan, and Abuja, and users who upgrade their Sim cards to the new Airtel 4G network will enjoy 4GB data for FREE. This move has prompted many users to visit Airtel offices and upgrade their existing sim card to the 4G network. Well if you are one of those planning to upgrade to the 4G network soon, there is something we think you should know before visit any Airtel office.

Attention!!! Before upgrading you Airtel Sim to 4G, Kindly read this

While trying to upgrade my Sim to the 4G network the Airtel office, I observed something that I will like to share with you. After the swap has been done, Airtel staffs insist that customers drop the old 3G sim cards with them probably to destroy or recycle them. Which means when you are given the new 4G sim card, the old 3G sim is collected from you

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I felt uncomfortable with the idea because of security reasons, but most customers do not pay any attention to it since they are told that the sims will be destroyed. But the truth is, most of these users do not back up their contact and delete them from the old sim before handing it over to the Airtel staffs or anyone carrying out the upgrade.

Apart from the Airtel staffs, other roadside vendors can also upgrade the sim to 4G, consider what could happen if the sim cards fall into the wrong hands. Some of us stored our BVN numbers, Passwords and other important information on our sim cards, and even when the old 3G sim cards are deactivated, the contact on the sim might still be accessible.

Even though we Airtel is careful in protecting user information, there is need to be security conscious when it comes to upgrading to the new 4G network. Before approaching airtel staffs or other authorized vendors for an upgrade, kindly Backup your contacts and other relevant information and Wipe the sim card clean before handing it over.


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