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LIVE battery test/review of Itel P32 4000mAh capacity

Today makes it a week since I unbox the new Itel P32. Ever since then, I have been putting the device on several tortures test and observation but today, we are doing something different. I will be doing a Live battery test of the Itel P32.

For this test, I will set the automatic brightness and I configured one email box in a push. I will also use several social apps including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. During the day, there will also be duration tests for playing games, watching movies and others.

Recall that the Itel P32 is one of the three new range smartphones that Itel Mobile unveiled on June 20 at Radisson Blu Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos. The three smartphone; Itel A32F, Itel P32, and Itel A15 all powered with the latest Android operating system dedicated to low-end devices known as Android Oreo 8.1 (Go edition).

The Itel P32 on its own boasts to have come with More Than A Battery. The device is equipped with massive 4000mAh battery capacity which the company claim to last you up to 3days of power with just a single charge on standby. It also sports an 18:9 Full View display with 5.5-inches IPS and a screen resolution of 480*960 display.

So guys, follow me on this day in the company of the new Itel P32. I will also try to answer all your questions you can ask me in the comments section.

Live finished! Thank you for joining us.

NOTE: This post will be updated automatically

05/07/2018 – 4:23 AM
Finally, it’s over. The device is now at 1% after 19hrs 51min battery usage. That’s impressive.


05/07/2018 – 12:46 AM
36 mins after I put on the mobile network and Hotspot. Just 4% was taken.


05/07/2018 – 12:12 AM
Just activate MTN N25 for 500MB night plan. I will be using the data to download some files on PC while it connects to the Itel P32 hotspot.


05/07/2018 – 12:05 AM
Good morning!! ūüôā

05/07/2018 – 11:57 PM
The device also comes with Power management that helps to enhance the performance of your battery. There, we have Intelligent power saving standby and battery saver. It good for you to know that I haven’t use any of the lifelines¬†yet.

05/07/2018 – 11:55 PM
I have enabled the mobile Hotspot of the devidd which is set to only 1 user.
Battery percentage now at 25.


05/07/2018 – 11:50 PM
I have gotten a temporary solution to the fan issue.

05/07/2018 – 11:12 PM
I put ON my PC now only for me to get this weird information that my system Fan is not working again. Hmmm. My Village people, I see you oooo. Lol 😂😂

05/07/2018 – 11:04 PM

According to Geekbench benchmark, the temperature of the Itel P32 battery seems to be in a normal condition despite the fact that I now use mobile connection.


05/07/2018 – 10:55 PM
MTN seems to be having network issue this night. The data connection keeps switching from 3G to 2G. So I just set it to only 3G. I hope it works.

05/07/2018 – 10:48 PM
Just checking out the temporary Inverter given to me by Talkers Energy earlier today. It works. Only laptop is plugged to the Inverter yet.


05/07/2018 – 10:39 PM
I have inserted two Micro SIM cards to the phone. SIM one is Glo while SIM two is MTN. I have enabled the data connection of MTN. The device only supports 2G and 3G network connectivity.

The current battery status is available below.


05/07/2018 – 10:21 PM
In a couple of minutes, I will be switching over from WiFi to Mobile data connection. I will be testing the Hotpot with my system but current battery level is at 35%.

05/07/2018 – 10:11 PM
I’m back!!! 😊😊

05/07/2018 – 9:06 PM
So the music will be running while I freshen up.

05/07/2018 – 9:03 PM
Currently playing music in Loudspeaker. I really love the dual loudspeaker of the Itel P32. It sounds well and loud enough.

05/07/2018 – 8:59 PM
Home sweet home. 😎


05/07/2018 – 8:54 PM
My area in one word. 🙄

05/07/2018 – 8:40 PM
Keke maruwa to the rescue.

Battery percentage now at 40%.

05/07/2018 – 8:35 PM
Currently raining here but the trader’s hustle spirit is high.


05/07/2018 – 8:26 PM
Took a stop at my regular Kitchen so as to grab something for dinner. 🙂🙂

05/07/2018 – 8:19 PM
Just arrived Epe. Battery percentage is now at 42%.




05/07/2018 – 7:28 PM
Now signed in to the Mobile Twitter app. Currently checking feeds and what’s trending.


05/07/2018 – 7:17 PM
Let’s briefly talk about the fingerprint feature in the Itel P32.¬† The device comes with a well-positioned fingerprint sensor located at the rear side of the device.

It gives you access to secure your device from unauthorized people. With just a finger, you can take a photo, answer a call, call recorder and alarm clock. You can enable and disable any of the features at any time.

Over 5 fingers can be added and you can give each different names.

Battery percentage is now at 45%.

05/07/2018 – 7:00 PM
The app used so far and their usage level.


05/07/2018 – 6:50 PM
Now heading to Epe. Although, the bus is still loading passengers. So, I will be playing Dream League Soccer 2018 for 30minute.

05/07/2018 – 6:20 PM
Now at Ikorodu. Streaming music still in progress. Battery now in 48%.

05/07/2018 – 6:16 PM
Currently at Ogolonto close to Ikorodu. Now streaming music with the Boom Play app through WiFi.

05/07/2018 – 6:07 PM
After an hour of watching a movie with the device. The battery percentage dropped from 57% to 50%.¬† 🙌 🙌

The Full-View display technology present in the phone is just mind-blowing.



Like every normal smartphone, it comes with the pre-installed video player which is quite okay but you can’t upload subtitles.

05/07/2018 – 5:27 PM
Just passed through Gani Fawehinmi Park. The weather is now clear. The traffic is so terrific!!.

05/07/2018 – 5:21 PM
Just passed through Ojota heading to Ikorodu. Too much traffic and its raining again.

Now watching a movie with the device. Video length is 2:04:45 with a 720P format.

05/07/2018 – 4:50 PM
Now heading to Ikorodu. As usual, traffic!!! 😕😕

05/07/2018 – 4:40 PM
Oh!!! I have been allowed to enter the bank to make withdraw. I’m happy 😋😋

05/07/2018 – 4:25 PM
Located Access Bank ATM but cardless withdraw option is not working and I’m not with my ATM Card. 🙄🙄

05/07/2018 – 4:10 PM
Just used the Google Assistant Go pre-installed on the Itel P32 to search for the nearest Access Bank ATM and the results were fantastic.


I’m still running on low storage tho.

05/07/2018 – 4:05 PM
Heading back to Ikorodu from Maryland but I need to use Access Bank ATM before moving. While I hunt for Access Bank ATM, I took some pictures with the Rear Dual Camera of the Itel P32. You can find them below.


Battery level now in 64%. Still using the device to update this post with WiFi connection.

05/07/2018 – 3:30 PM
Okay, the stomach is full, now heading out.

05/07/2018 – 2:59 PM


05/07/2018 – 2:49 PM
Let’s go catch some fun


Rear Dual Camera with Low Light Feature


Rear Dual Camera with Low Light Feature


05/07/2018 – 2:36 PM
Next stop 😃


05/07/2018 – 2:30 PM
Now at Maryland.

Statistics of the current battery usage.

05/07/2018 – 2:14 PM
Just received notification that I’m running on Low internal storage. One of the cons of the device is the storage unit which is extremely low. 8GB ROM in 2018? Itel why? 🙄🙄

Well, the storage can be expanded to 32GB with a micro SD which I haven’t tested.


05/07/2018 – 2:00 PM
My other 4000mAh battery phone has kicked the bucket. Updating this post with the Itel P32. Heading to Maryland now.





Battery level is now 74%.

05/07/2018 – 1:24 PM
So they couldn’t fix my inverter. 😢😢
Asked me to check back on Monday.
Well, I was given one to manage till Monday. I can’t come and be sleeping in darkness.¬† 😜

This also got my attention. Solar Iron with just 150watts. According to the seller, it gets HOT in just 5mins but it can’t handle a long hour of pressing cloth. So, it mostly useful for an emergency situation.


05/07/2018 – 1:00 PM
The iTEL P32 is powered with 1.3GHz Quad-core MediaTek processor under its hood alongside 1GB of RAM which runs on Android Go but does that now mean that the device is not powerful? To answer that, below are the benchmark test of the device and scores.


Current battery level

05/07/2018 – 11:54 AM
The weather is now fair. At least it stopped raining.

Now at one of the branches of Talkers Energy so as to fix my inverter that commits suicide yesterday night.


Current battery usage of the Itel P32.

05/07/2018 – 11:15 AM
I’m yet to use any of the social media apps. So far, my test has been on Boom Play, Chrome, Street Racing 3D, Camera and Google Play Store.

05/07/2018 – 11:10 AM
Still raining heavily at Ikorodu.


Bluetooth working perfectly now.


Battery level now in 87%.

05/07/2018 – 10:10 AM
The weather is not chilling at all. I was waiting for a bus and I got the drenched cause of no umbrella with me. The device is still powered by WiFi and currently streaming music with Boom Play app. The percentage is now in 89% after excessive usage.



05/07/2018 – 9:51 AM
The weather is still not friendly. Took a shot with the Dual rear camera of the device. Battery level now in 90%.

05/07/2018 – 9:46 AM
Just get to Ikorodu. Took a selfie with the front facing 5MP camera of the Itel P32.

05/07/2018 – 9:30 AM
Just passed Sabo Motor Park, Ikorodu, Lagos. Successfully streamed over 5 music with Boom Play app. Still raining heavily here. 😧😧 Battery percent below.

05/07/2018 – 9:09 AM
Currently now at Imota Lagos with a cloudy weather. Battery level still at 93%.

05/07/2018 – 9:01 AM
Currently using 7 apps and only 443MB used in the RAM storage from the 1GB that powered the device. Battery level now in 93%.

05/07/2018 – 8:51 AM
Since no network coverage along Ketu-Epe to Itokin, I decided to play a game (Street Racing 3D) for 9min which take 1% of the phone battery life. Battery level now in 94%.

05/07/2018 – 8:37 AM
Currently pouring down here at Ketu-Epe Lagos. Battery still in 96%.

05/07/2018 – 8:33 AM
I restart the device hoping the Bluetooth will work but all seems abortive. Battery jump from 98% to 96% after I restarted the device.

05/07/2018 – 8:28 AM
Battery now in 98%. Don’t know the reason why the Bluetooth of the device doesn’t want to work this morning.¬† 😧

05/07/2018 – 8:17 AM
Bus full, now on the go. Battery now in 99% after using Xender to transfer a file from the P32 to my other device. Currently music from Boom play.

Oh!!! My bus also gets stopped by our Police people. The driver doesn’t want to Roja.

05/07/2018 – 8:00 AM
Good morning beautiful people. It’s time to experience the LIVE battery test of the Itel P32 with us here at

The device is fully charged. Though it takes whopping 4hrs 06mins to achieve a full charge with the 1A Charger that comes with it.

Live battery test/review of Itel P32 4000mAh capacity


Live battery test/review of Itel P32 4000mAh capacity

I am currently on the move to Ikorodu Lagos from Epe. From there to Maryland, to Ikeja and others.

According to Geekbench app installed on the phone, the battery level is 100% and it has a temperature of 29.0 C with Voltage of 4.38 and runs on Li-ion battery technology.

Live battery test/review of Itel P32 4000mAh capacity

While waiting for my bus to full, I will be streaming some music with BoomPlay music with WiFi enabled.

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    • Thanks for the compliment. Yes, it gets warmth a little bit while gaming but you wouldn't notice until you remove the phone case that comes with the phone. Just inserted SIMs into the phone now. So I can't say much about it yet.


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