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Download GbWhatsapp Apk Latest v6.25 Version For Android

GBWhatsapp has been updated to version V6.25 for Android users. As you know, GbWhatsapp is the modded version of Whatsapp. The app comes with a lot of features like; modification of interface, coloured text, know people that are online and other interesting features which are currently not available in the official Whatsapp.

Download GbWhatsapp Apk Latest v6.25 Version For Android

What’s New in 6.25 GBWhatsApp & WhatsApp

1. The limitations have been lifted up in this version like you can send videos with size up to 50 MB.
2. You can set the group name with a maximum character of 35, which was not present before.
3. You can hide your status or make it visible accordingly
4. You can hide your typing status, last seen, double ticks or blue ticks.
5. You can broadcast your message to more than 500 people present in your contact.
6. The original version of Whatsapp supports only 140 characters while GBWhatsapp supports up to 250 characters.
7. You can change the theme easily and can communicate with others in more than 100 languages.
8. You can stay online throughout the day even if you are not using the app.
9. You can use this version of GBWhatsapp along with the original version of Whatsapp without any issues.
10. This version of GBwhatsapp eradicates the limitation of sending 10 images at a click as you can send up to 100 images with this version of Whatsapp.
11. You can lock your app without using any third-party software as it is pre-built with GB Whatsapp 6.25.
12. The notification icon or application icon can be customized accordingly.

Where to download your GbWhatsapp V6.25 apk? 
Kindly download your GbWhatsapp V6.25 apk Here



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