Buy Smile 4G LTE MiFi “SMiFi” and get free 20GB data + 100% data bonus on all subscriptions

Smile Communications is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) which offers one of the best 4G LTE internet subscriptions that is growing gradually across the country. The company just launched a new 4G LTE MiFi device which is known as “SMiFi” with an offer of 20GB worth of data with 100% data bonus on all subscriptions valid for 3 months.

Smile 4G LTE MiFi "SMiFi"
The SMiFi is a pocket-sized WiFi device which is able to connect up to 8 or more devices at a go. It provides internet access at work, offices, for the whole family and friends. The SMiFi offers a super fast and durable internet access which cost only NGN 22, 000.
Major Benefits of SMiFi
  • New 4G LTE SMiFi device for SuperFast internet on-the-go.
  • The 100% data bonus consists of 50% Anytime + 50% MidNite data.
  • MidNite data can be used from Midnight (12am) to 6am.
  • SMiFi connects up to 8 devices simultaneously via Wi-Fi.
  • 100% data bonus is available for the next 3 months.
  • Bonus data is valid for 30 days.
  • You can take your SMiFi with you, where ever you go, for SuperFast and Reliable internet access on the go.

How To Get SMiFi

To get the SMiFi device, visit the company’s website via Smile.com.ng to buy or pre-order the SMiFi device online from there or go to the Gadgets outlets nearby. You can also check the nearest smile network office and ask for it.

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