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“Android P” Next Version of Android OS to come

We have all known that the current version of Android Operating SystemAndroid Oreo 8.0” which was recently released although some devices are just getting the upgrade while some Smartphones are still yet to get the upgrade and some won’t be getting it.

The group of Android developers has been working on a new version of Android Operating System named “Android P“, Some questions must have been running through your mind, which are “What is Android P?, What does it mean?, well Android P “9.0” is another or better still the next or coming version of Android Operating system.

"Android P" Next Version of Android OS to come

What the “P” stands for is yet to be known but there has been a rumour as to what it means, some have been claiming it to mean “PAKODA” a Hindi language while some are claiming it to mean “Pineapple Pie” as we have known Android OS to be named after edibles.

Meanwhile, there has been a lot of discussion about the possible name of the next version of Android OS and “Pineapple Pie” seems to be the only convincing options so far. It appears that the Android developer community is getting ready to welcome the first developer preview as Google is expected to share the first glimpse into the developer preview of Android P at Google I/O 2018 conference.



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