Qualcomm to unveil it’s first Smart Audio Speaker with Cortana

Qualcomm made it known at CES 2018 that it’s first Smart Audio Speaker equipped with Cortana will be jointly developed with Microsoft.

As we’ve known Cortana to be of great help and assistant when it comes to artificial assistance just as Apple Siri and Google assistant.

Qualcomm to unveil it's first Smart Audio Speaker with Cortana

The senior executive of Qualcomm said that the “new platform is now designed to offer greater flexibility for manufacturers wanting to deliver highly differentiated user experiences, taking advantage of the power and personalization capabilities of Cortana.”

Jordi Ribas of Microsoft also included that “support for Microsoft technology on Qualcomm powered smart speakers will help to empower people’s creativity and productivity at work and at home.”

The  Qualcomm Smart Audio device should be made available by the first half of 2018


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