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All Glo Call Tariff Plans And Migration Codes For January 2018

All Glo Call Tariff Plans And Migration Codes For January 2018

You will find some of the Glo tariff plans and their migration codes on the post.

Glo network cheapest calling rate you need in January 2018.

1. Glo Twin Bash Tariff and Benefits
Twin Bash is one of the mouth-watering tariff plan on the Glo network. The tariff plan is good for internet users as it gives data bonus alongside airtime bonus.

You get the equivalent amount of airtime bonus and data bonus in MB of the amount you recharge. It simply means if you recharge N200 naira, you get a free 200MB data bonus and #200 Naira airtime bonus. Same for #500 and N1000, but #100 recharge gives 20MB. The bonus airtime can be used to call all networks.

Simply Dial *233*Pin# to opt-in to Glo Twin Bash.

All Glo Call Tariff Plans And Migration Codes For January 2018

2. Glo Infinito Tariff Benefits
Infinito is one of the most used Glo tariff plans in Nigeria currently because of its cheap call rate. This plan doesn’t have any hidden charges like first-minute call charges. It is a straightforward offer from Glo Nigeria.

  • You will be charged 20K/Sec (20 Kobo per Sec) to call any network in Nigeria.
  • It also has a better offer that allows you to call 10 registered family and friends numbers at a cheap rate of 11K/S.
  • All you have to do is dial *101*1*Phone Number# to add a new number.

Dial *100*9*2# to migrate to Glo Infinito.

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3. Glo Bounce Tariff and Benefits.
Bounce is also among the best and cheapest glo tariff plans. It charges 15K/S for all calls made to any networks. Even better, it charges 11K/S when you call the number that is also on Glo bounce.

  • 15 Kobo Per Second for all calls.
  • 11 Kobo Per Second for calls made to Glo bounce customers.
  • 20MB data bonus for every recharge above #200.
  • You will be charged #24/Min for every first call of the day.

Dial *170*4# to Migrate to Glo Bounce.

4. Glo Overload Tariff and Benefits.
Another cheap call tariff plan on Glo network is Overload. It gives 400% airtime bonus and 15MB data bonus on every recharge above N200 Naira.

  • The data bonus is valid for just that day.
  • You get the 1-minute free call for every 3 minutes calls.
  • You will be charged N36/min for the first-minute call of the day.

Dial *122*7# to check Glo Overload balance.
Dial *200# to migrate to Overload.

5. Glo Gbam Plus
This plan is currently the best and cheapest of all Glo tariff plans for international calls.

  • You will be charged 11K/S to call all networks in Nigeria.
  • You will be charged 20K/S to call US, UK, China, India, and Canada. N10 for SMS.
  • You will be charged a daily access fee of N5. Don’t worry you won’t be charged for days you do not make calls.

Dial *100*6*1# to Migrate to Glo Gbam Plus.



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