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Google unveils Android Oreo Go Edition for entry level smartphones

Yesterday, Google released new versions of its Android operating system dubbed Android Go. The new OS is built specifically for entry-level or low-end smartphones with RAM size of 512MB or 1GB.

Compared to the usual Android version, it is characterized by specific optimizations for smartphones with weaker hardware, but there is also a new set of Google Apps, which were developed specifically for such an environment.

For example, a current Android-Go system image is supposed to occupy only half the space of a full installment of Android 7. This is especially important on devices with little available space, but in these prices, categories are still often sold devices with only 8 GB, of which in a normal Android install little is left.

The new Android Go edition has been optimized in such a way that the average app is 15% faster on the new OS, pre-installed apps take 50% less space and it absolutely takes care of background apps exhausting your data as it auto turn on data saver by default.

 Google unveils Android Oreo Go Edition for entry level smartphones

Google Go

In parallel, Google offers a new set of optimized for low-end devices versions of their own apps. The biggest difference in Google Go, Youtube Go, Google Maps Go and Co. is that the package size is much smaller, they also consume less space. In addition, many of them can come up with a focus on offline functions or a reduction in data consumption. For example, the Chrome Data Saver feature is enabled by default.


There is also a relevant change in the Play Store: Go-Devices will focus on “lite” versions of popular apps, such as Facebook or Skype. Other Android go-apps include “Files Go,” a disk space optimization, and file-sharing tool that’s been available on the Play Store for a few weeks now. Although the Google Assistant is also available here, it has been outsourced to a separate app, otherwise, it’s part of the Google app.


By the way, the official announcement of Android Go was made during an event in India, which also makes it clear which markets are the primary target. The first devices, which are delivered with Android Go, are to come according to the software manufacturer in the beginning of 2018 on the market.



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