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YouTube Go now out of beta, available in India and Indonesia

YouTube Go is a light version of the YouTube app, which allows users to download videos offline and share them wirelessly and without data, to friends nearby. YouTube Go beta version was launched in India in April and ever since then, many have been anticipating for the stable and public version of the app. Well, the good news is that the stable version of YouTube Go is now available in Play Store for India and Indonesia users.

Thanks to YouTube Go, Google ensures that even those who are not as free to access a mobile data connection as others in more developed regions of the world can see YouTube more freely. Google’s first initiative was to download videos later to watch them offline in the YouTube app. You can do it in other regions, but a YouTube RED subscription is required.

YouTube Go now out of beta, available in India and Indonesia

You can download YouTube videos to the memory of an Android device. A really interesting feature is the ability to share offline YouTube videos with friends in the area using a combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct. Similar to the recent (and inadvertently) beta version of Google’s Google Go app finds nearby recipients for file sharing.

The beta version of YouTube Go offered two video resolutions at launch: 144p and 360p. There are three resolution options in the public version of YouTube Go, which adds 480p in addition to 144p and 360p. We expect the application will be introduced in more countries. Alternatively, you can access APK Mirror and load the app from the page.



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