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Download GbWhatsapp Apk Latest v6.00 Version For Android

GbWhatsapp has been updated to version V6.0 for Android users. As you know, GbWhatsapp is the modded version of Whatsapp. The app comes with a lot of features like; modification of interface, colored text, know people that are online, and other interesting features that are currently not available in the official Whatsapp.

GbWhatsapp V6.00

What’s New in 6.00 GBWhatsApp & WhatsApp?

  1. [ New ] Base Updated to 2.17.351 (PlayStore)
  2. ‎[ Exclusive ] Ability to Send Text Broadcast to Groups (Only Text Messages) [ Exclusive ] Ability to Filter Message when Clear Chat (Settings – Chats – Clear History – Clear All Chats)
  3. [ Exclusively Fixed ] Maps when send Location
  4. [ Enabled ] Live Location Sharing
  5. [ Enabled ] Image/Video Filters (Effects when Send Images)
  6. [ Added ] Option for Centre Names in Conversation Header (Mod 1.1.15)
  7. [ Enabled ] Advance Storage Management (Settings – Data & Storage)
  8. [ Enabled ] Quick Reply (Press and Hold any message and click on the Text Entry)
  9. [ Added ] Anti-Revoke (Options – Privacy)
  10. [ Added ] Custom Anti Revoke
  11. [ Added ] Ability to Revoke Multiple Message at Once (Select Msges and click on Delete Icon)
  12. [ Added ] Ability to Copy Text Status (Open Options & Click on Copy)
  13. [ Added ] Ability to Remove “Read More” option for Long Messages (Mod 1.2.63)
  14. [ Added ] Ability to Send 100 Documents instead of 30
  15. [ Added ] Themed Emoji & GIF Search
  16. [ Updated ] Ability to Select Multiple Contacts in Scheduler for a Single Message (Press and Hold the contact you want to select)
  17. [ Fixed ] Emoji Scroll
  18. Other Fixes…

Where to download your GbWhatsapp V6.00 apk? 
Kindly download your GbWhatsapp V6.00 apk Here



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