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YouTube Go With Smaller, Faster And Data Friendly Features Now Available In Nigeria [Beta Version]

In July 27th, 2017, Google CEO visited Nigeria to attend Google For Nigeria event. In the event, Google announced several products including YouTube Go. YouTube Go is the lighter version of YouTube which allows users to download videos offline and share them wirelessly and without data, to friends nearby.

Since the event, we have been anticipating for the availability of the service here in Nigeria. Well, the Good news is that YouTube Go is now officially [Or Not Official] available for download in Nigeria not only that, the service is now available for any individual who wants to enjoy less data consumption from the video-sharing website while streaming videos.

Youtube Go


Unlike the normal version of YouTube app that’s size around 12.5MB, YouTube Go is just 1.5MB size and it works perfectly much more than the normal version. YouTube Go does not only let you control your data usage but also come with a lot of features like home screen display that shows both personalized recommendations as well as trending and popular videos nearby, allowing users to see the latest content that the people around are watching.

I noticed that the app is currently on Beta version meaning that the app is still undergoing development but if you are interested, the app is available for you to download. Click Here to download the app or visit Google Play to download it.



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