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Again: Glo Announces September 28th, 2017, as Glo Free Data Day Nationwide [Free Browsing]

Prior from now, the grand masters of data; Glo announced August 11th, 2017 as Glo Free Data Day but the Oga’s at the top, I mean NCC (Nigerian Communications Commission) stopped them from having this event been done due to reason known to them.

Glo Free Data Day

Now, Glo has come again with the same offer of free browsing data, this time announce September 28, 2017, as Glo Free Data Day. I want to believe that Glo has already settle or have a concrete agreement between them and the ogas at the top. So this time around, the Glo Free Data Day maybe real.

All Glo customers can now enjoy a whole day of free data when they meet set of voice and/or data usage threshold within 7 days to the free data day.

As you know, nothing comes free in this part of the world. There are terms and conditions added to the offer. To enjoy the Glo Free Data Day offer from Glo network, you need to meet some specific requirement and also know that the free browsing is limited.

How to be Eligible for Glo Free Data Day

Ensure you do either of the following in the 7 days preceding the announced Free data Day:

➢ Minimum of N250 on voice calls OR
➢ Minimum of N150 on voice and 100MB data from any (or a combination) of :
I. Pay as you use
II. Existing data plan

If you meet the above requirements, you will receive an SMS announcing your eligibility for the free data day.

What is the Data Capacity for the Glo Free Data Day Offer?

The offer is capped at 200MB only.



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