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See How To Enjoy Daily Free 9mobile 2GB Data With No Ads Anonytun Beta VPN

TGIF!! Some days ago, I published a post on how to activate free daily 2GB bonus data on 9Mobile. I noticed that a lot of people are already enjoying it but a lot of complaints are getting to me concerning the AnonyTun VPN that power the 2GB 9Mobile data.

The major complaint is that the AnonyTun VPN  app displays too much of ads both in-house and pop-up ads. If you recall, we published an article on how to remove the annoying ads from the app but it seems some are still not getting it done. So that’s why am making this post to share with you another version of the AnonyTun VPN that have no ads at all.

Anonytun Beta VPN

AnonyTun beta VPN is the modified version of AnonyTun VPN. This version of VPN has no ads at all. It works much better than the original VPN. I’ve tested the free daily 2GB bonus data on the 9Mobile package with the app and it works flawlessly.

Assuming you already have the daily free 2GB data activated in your SIM card then below is how to download AnonyTun beta VPN and how to configure it with the daily free 2GB data via the 9Mobile network.

How To Browse And Download With Free Daily 9mobile 2GB YouTube Streaming Bonus Data With Anonytun Beta VPN

1. Download AnonyTun VPN Beta Apk Here then launch the app.

2. Click on Settings at the right top of the app, toggle on Stealth Tunnel ON/OFF switch then it will give you access to customize your settings.

4. In the Connection protocol option, choose Http and input 8081 for the port.

5. Toggle on the switch of PAYLOAD then click on Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers to continue.

6. Now input myaccount.google.com in the URL/Host then change the request method to POSTtick User-Agent, tick Keep-Alive then click on Generate and click on Save and Save again.

7. Lastly, Click on Connect then a screen pop up will ask you whether to Allow Connection, just don’t worry, Click on “Allow” to continue.

8. Once it connected then you can start surfing the net.

Click Here if you are yet to activate the free daily 9Mobile 2GB data. 


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