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Glo Data Plans For February 2020

Glo Data Plans For February 2020 [PC, Android, and iOS]

Globacom is said to be the grandmasters of data here in Nigeria. Over the years, the telco company has been able to make their internet bundles very cheap and affordable for everyone to enjoy. Though they currently review their data bundles and slash it to half of what you use to get before. Glo Data Plans For February 2020 [PC, Android & iOS]

Glo Data Plans For February 2020

Just like other Telco providers, Glo offers Internet service for Android, PC, iOS or any devices using the Internet. The company has also been able to unleash superfast 4G LTE network connectivity in most places across the country. With this 4G LTE network, you can enjoy your internet more than being on the 3G network connectivity. Glo Data Plans For February 2020 [PC, Android & iOS]

Glo also offers data bundles for Android, PC, and iOS. They have daily plans, weekly plans, monthly plans, and night plans. So today, I will be sharing with you the current Glo internet bundles code activation and price for this month of February 2020.

Glo Data Plans For February 2020 [PC, Android & iOS]

New Daily Data Splash Plan Details

  • Dial *127*35# to activate the plan.

24hrs/Daily Plans

🔄 Dial *127*32# for ₦25 – 10MB [Data Volume with Bonus = 12.5MB]
🔄 Dial *127*14# for ₦50 – 22MB [Data Volume with  Bonus = 27.5MB]
🔄 Dial *127*51# for ₦100 – 80MB [Data Volume with  Bonus = 92MB]

4 Days Data Plan

🔄 Dial *127*56# for ₦200 – 210MB [Data Volume with Bonus = 242MB]

14 Days Data Plan

🔄 Dial *127*57# for ₦500 – 800MB [Data Volume with Bonus = 920MB]

30 Days Data Plan

🔄 Dial *127*53# for ₦1,000 – 1.6GB [Data Volume with  Bonus = 1.8GB]
🔄 Dial *127*55# for  ₦2,000 – 4GB [Data Volume with Bonus = 5GB]
🔄 Dial *127*58# for ₦2,500 – 5.75GB [Data Volume with Bonus = 7.2GB]
🔄 Dial *127*54# for  ₦3,000 – 7GB [Data Volume with Bonus = 8.75GB]
🔄 Dial *127*59# for ₦4,000 – 10GB [Data Volume with Bonus = 12.5GB]
🔄 Dial *127*2# for ₦5,000 – 12.5GB [Data Volume with Bonus = 15.6GB]
🔄 Dial *127*1# for ₦8,000 – 20GB [Data Volume with  Bonus = 25GB]
🔄 Dial *127*11# for ₦10,000 – 26GB [Data Volume with Bonus = 32.5GB]
🔄 Dial *127*12# for ₦15,000 – 42GB [Data Volume with Bonus = 52.5GB]
🔄 Dial *127*13# for ₦18,000 – 50GB [Data Volume with Bonus = 62.5GB]
🔄 Dial *127*33# for ₦20,000 – 63GB [Data Volume with Bonus = 78.75GB]

7 Days/Weekend Data Plan

🔄 Dial *127*61# for ₦500 – 3GB (Weekend – Saturday 12 am – Sunday 11.59pm)
Night Data Plan
🔄 Dial *127*60# for ₦200 – 1GB [1 Day (12am – 5am) ]

Other Data Plans

🔄 Dial *127*5# for  ₦6,000 – 4GB [100 Hrs or 30 days]
🔄 Dial *127*4# for ₦15,000 – 12GB [300 Hrs or 3 Months]
🔄 Dial *127*7# for ₦5,000 – 12GB [8PM to 9AM – Weekdays + All day on Weekends]
🔄 Dial *127*6# for  ₦6,000 – 12GB [8 AM to 9 PM]

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