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Etisalat Unlimited Free Browsing Rocking With 51VPN Apk

It has been a while I posted about free browsing tweak. For the past few months, our attention has been taking by Glo Unlimited free browsing cheat. Well, am happy to inform you that Etisalat unlimited free browsing is back again.
Etisalat Unlimited Free Browsing Rocking With 51VPN Apk
As you know, Unlimited internet is the best network connectivity. It gives you unlimited access to surf the net. Just like I mentioned above, the Glo unlimited free browsing cheat also gives unlimited free browsing but due to network-ish, it has become a liability to some of us. So, this Etisalat that you are about to read below has come to take over the Glo free browsing.
Thanks to Mozillatechs for sharing this with us. The Etisalat free browsing rocks with one unfamiliar VPN known as 51VPN. 51VPN provides free VPN service just like Psiphon Handler, Anonytun, Stark VPN, and others. This 51VPN comes with over 6 server locations; Hong-Kong, Japan, Singapore, USA, UK, Canada, and others.
One thing I like about the app is that it does not display many pop-up ads compare to Tweakware and others. It consumes less battery and is fast in surfing the net. The VPN app also lets you rock all apps for free without paying a dime via the Etisalat network. Without talking much, let get down to business.
APN Settings:
APN: etisalat
APN type: default/supl
Proxy None/Leave it blank
Port: None/Leave it blank
Username: None/Leave it blank
Password: None/Leave it blank
  • First of all, you have to download the 51VPN apk Here or download it from Google Playstore
  • After you have successfully download and install, kindly launch the 51VPN
  • After you launch the VPN app, you will see the Nodes List which consists of various server locations. So, just click on any of the Node then below of the VPN app, you will see an icon that looks like Hotspot/VPN then click on it then it will ask you if you trust the connection, just click on Yes.
  • After that, it will show green color and shows Connected then it will be receiving and sending data from byte to megabytes.
  • Now launch your browser and start rocking for free
Note: It will advisable to use sim with Zero balance so as to avoid stories that touches the heart and soul. 😂😂😂😂

I have provided a detailed Video tutorial on how to go about it in case you didn’t get the tutorial above. Watch it and enjoy it!!!

Don’t forget to drop us feedback in the comment box about the free browsing with the 51VPN.




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