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Vkworld Z3310 is Nokia 3310 (2017) doppelganger with better specs

It’s no more news that brands in a general copy each other design and features. That’s what happens between Vkworld (a Chinese phone brand ) and Nokia brand. Early this year, HMD Global the current caretaker of Nokia brand reborn the legend; Nokia 3310 in this year Mobile World Congress (MWC). The new Nokia 3310 comes with more redefined design, features, and functionality but the pricing of the phone is a nightmare to some Nokia fans in Nigeria and other parts of the world.

Vkworld Z3310 is Nokia 3310 (2017) doppelganger with better specs

Well, Vkworld, a Chinese phone producing company claim that instead of paying that huge amount for a 2G Connectivity feature phone that they will be launching a better device with the same design of the Nokia 3310 and it will be called Z3310.

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According to the company, Z3310 will offer larger storage space, a high-resolution camera, and a relatively bigger battery and it will also go on sale with half of the price of Nokia 3310 $55/2 = $27.5 roughly N10, 890 in Naira though no official price yet.

The Vkworld Z3310 will be launch later this month and it will also come in the same Red, Dark Blue/Black, Yellow, and Grey color options of the Nokia 3310 2017. One interesting thing about the Z3310 is that you’ll hardly differentiate Vkworld Z3310 from Nokia 3310 except for the VKworld branding at the bottom of the display. I hope the Vkworld Z3310 can stand the tough life of the Nokia 3310.




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