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Hurray!! Whatsapp Group Is Live And Active; See How To Join

Dear Reader, the long-overdue Whatsapp Group of this blog ( has been created. I know that some of you may have wonder why it took me this long to create a WhatsApp group. Well, am so sorry for making it this late but don’t blame me tho because I have my reasons.

Anyway, the Whatsapp Group is live and active. The Whatsapp group will serve as a medium to pass any latest information, latest phone reviews, free browsing tweaks, phone tweaking, and solutions. Captain Dahood and I are the group admin and we will operate the Whatsapp group according to the Rules and Regulation available below.

Hurray!! Whatsapp Group Is Live And Active; See How To Join

Rules and Regulation of the Whatsapp Group

Rule 1
Do not post irrelevant & unrelated videos, text based, icons, audio or photo contents derailing the sole aim of the group. (inclusive of Jokes, adverts, irrelevant stories, share-this messages, referrals programs etc)

Rule 2
Do not disrespect any member of the group. (inclusive of hatred, insults, mockery etc)

Rule 3
Do not use vulgar, abusive language or pour insults on anyone in the group. (inclusive of any language, illustrations, videos, images or smileys)

Rule 4
In no way should you tamper with group Icon/image or Name/Title. Do not change group name or picture.

Rule 5
Do not post links relating to or advertising other blogs/websites/forums.

Other Important Notice

1. Members of the group are free to share their user experience of this blog including challenges and success stories.

2. We will not welcome people with intentions to disorganize the group by posting irrelevant stuffs. The group is strictly for sharing free browsing solutions, providing assistance to your phone/PC issues, discussions on latest phones as well as their features and other tech related issues.

3.  Some of the information shared on the group will be directly proportional to what is posted in this blog.

4. Contents of this blog like links to some posts may be shared for easy access and location from the group to this blog.

5. We welcome other bloggers in the Tech blogosphere also to participate in the group and contribute their quota.

6. There must not be ethnicity difference in the group because all of us are one family no matter the part of the world you are joining from.

7. We can choose to add some members who participates and read this blog regularly as group admins.

8. Admins have the right and authority to remove any member who fails to comply by the above rules. Thank you.

How To Join Our Whatsapp Group

Joining our Whatsapp group is easy, just drop your whatsapp  number in the comment box below and you will be added.

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