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Hurrah!!!! Femtoptech is One

Today marked it one year since I launched It has been a remarkable success story for me. So far, Femtoptech has covered a variety of Smartphone reviews, featured different technology stories, daily naira exchange rates to dollar pounds euro, and other interesting stories.

Femtoptech is One


In just one year, has been able to stand out among the number of blogs/websites we have globally and locally. According to Alexa, is currently rank 658,155 in global while 8,012 in Nigeria. Stories from Femtoptech have also been featured in various popular blogs, social media pages, and also on forums front page.

It will be a lie to tell you today that it has always been a sweet ride. No! The journey so far has been rough, exciting and promising altogether. Having had to balance my Tertiary education and blogging career has been a great challenge for me. But all thanks to God for giving me the strength I needed in running the two together.

My greatest thanks also go to you all my readers, you’ve been more than loyal to me, even during difficult times, you’re always there to support and help as much as you can. I thank you all for the Usual visits, Comments, Shares, Likes, Reviews, Prayers, Insults, Advice, Suggestions, and Tweets. All these and more have no doubt shape and strengthen us, You all are the reason we have come this far, May God Almighty continue to bless you all abundantly.

I know that there’s still much work to be done to turn this platform into the best Technology blog in Nigeria and Africa at large; I know that with the support of my father in the heavens and of yours, we can achieve it!

Am using this opportunity to announce to you that in the coming months. I will be launching a Vlog/TV platform. This platform will be used for unboxing videos of a smartphone, gadgets reviews, live tech events, asking people on the street how they feel or review about a particular smartphone brand or device and other great things.

Also, in the coming weeks, I will be launching Femtoptech WhatsApp group. It will be a platform for passing information as fast possible to those that needs it and it also served community where all Femtptech readers meet each other and rob mind together.

Lastly, I will be holding a massive giveaway session to celebrate the plus one of Femtoptech. It will be towards the ending of this month. This time around, I will make sure that everyone (if not the majority) enjoy the giveaway.

Once again, Thanks to you all for making a success story.




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