Appreciation Giveaway: 30 fastest fingers to get free Airtime and Gigabytes of Data

TGIF!!! June 3rd marked it one year since I launched Femtoptech.com. To celebrate this anniversary, I will be holding an appreciation giveaway and it will be happening here live on this blog.

I know that there is no amount of giveaway that will describe how grateful I am for your Support, Effort, Time, Comments, Shares, Likes, Reviews, Prayers, Insults, Advice, Suggestions, and Tweets that have brought this blog to where it is now.

So on the 28th of this month, I will be giving out Airtime (for any network) and Gigabytes of data (MTN) to 30 fastest fingers of this blog. This giveaway will be happening here live and for you not to miss it, it will be good for you to follow our Facebook Page , Twitter page  and our soon to launch Whatsapp Group for updated information.

Once again, Thanks to you all for making Femtoptech.com a success story.


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