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Today: GTBank Dollar, Pounds, Euro To Naira Exchange Rate

It is no news that the Nigeria commercial banks we have now exchange foreign currencies like dollar, pounds, euro to naira at the same rate obtainable in the black market also known as parallel market and it just that the exchange rate varies each day. One of such bank that we would talk about their exchange rate for dollar, pounds and Euro to naira is GTBank.

Below is today’s 24/04/2017 GTBank exchange for Dollar, Pounds, Euro to Naira

GTBank dollar to Naira exchange rate

$1 to Naira – USD = N375

GTBank Pounds to Naira exchange rate

1 GBP to Ngn – GBP = N490

GTBank Euro to Naira exchange rate

1 Euro to Ngn – Euro = N416

GTBank Canadian dollar to Naira exchange rate

1 CAD to Ngn – CAD = N248.66

Is very important for you to note that the amount quoted above may not be the same amount you will be charged. The reason is simple, exchange rate is very dynamic and can be adjust any moment.

Conclusion, would like to know how much GTBank charged you exchange rate. Kindly use the comment box to share your thoughts


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