See Reasons Why You Are Not Getting 4G Coverage in Your Area.

According to the report gathered from Nigeria Communication Week, it was revealed that the top telcos operators in the country have reduced their efforts at expanding network coverage & capacity (Especially in states that are not commercially viable).

As a matter of fact, only a few number of base transceiver stations (BTS) have been built by both telcos and tower operators for network coverage and capacity. Even at that, the number of towers still remain within 26,000 as opposed to the required 180,000 base transceiver stations needed to effectively cover the country with improved quality of service.


A staff of one of the tower operators further revealed that except for few internet service providers playing in the 4G LTE services that have requested for towers in certain commercial viable locations; Global System for Mobile communications operators no longer bother about extending coverage to underserved areas.

“They are concentrating in optimizing existing base stations for 4G LTE service and these are done in commercially viable cities.”

David Venn, Spectranet’s CEO, attributed the situation to scarcity of foreign exchange to buy equipment.

“Operators need equipment to build towers. In the last one year it has been difficult for us to access dollar to import equipment for network expansion as well as adding capacity, the ones we are doing is from the equipment we imported before the new policy on FX, for big operators it has been very difficult for them to import equipment which has affected their efforts in adding capacity.”

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