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Update: Here’s How To Locate Your Contacts List On New Whatsapp Update Version

Yesterday, Whatsapp rolls out a new OTA update that comes with Snapchat like stories feature, WhatsApp Status; a feature that lets users upload videos or photos for their contacts to see, instead of the single text-based status message.

Since the new Whatsapp update, many have been complaining about why Whatsapp will have to remove the text-based status feature and replace it with the videos and pictures, in fact, some even blame them for removing the Contacts list but wait….. I can help you to locate your contacts list.

Yes, Whatsapp didn’t remove the Contacts list feature on their messaging app but instead changed the location to a new place. If you have explored the new Whatsapp update very well, you should have seen the new location of the contacts list but don’t worry if you haven’t located it yet, just follow the below steps to see your own contacts list.

See How To Locate Contacts List On New Whatsapp Update

In the Previous version, the contacts list is found on the Status bar alongside CHATS but in the latest update, it has been replaced with Status.

Now to locate the new location of the Contacts list, just go to your WhatsApp in CHATS menu, below you will see a Green Icon like message icon, just click on it and your contacts list will be displayed to you.

Here's How To Locate Contacts List On New Whatsapp Update


Here's How To Locate Contacts List On New Whatsapp Update

There, you will see all your contacts and you can easily message any contact and you can also refresh the list to see new contacts.

Update: I noticed that some phones have their own WhatsApp contacts list at the top beside Search Icon.

Whatsapp contacts list

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