Enjoy Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat With Latest Tweakware VPN V5.5 Apk With Full Speed

Yesterday, we all saw a major improvement in the Glo network coverage unlike how it was in the past few days. The developer of Tweakware VPN have also released a new version (Tweakware V5.5) of the VPN app in other to reflect the network improvement changes.

The latest version, Tweakware VPN  V5.5 apk now have a stable and super fast network  connectivity support. Though,  Glo Nigeria claims that they are presently upgrading their international submarine cable in other to serve good data experience, so by the time they are done with the upgrade, we should be able to have more stable connectivity on Glo network and we should be able to enjoy our Unlimited downloads to the fullest.

Glo unlimited free browsing with tweakware VPN v5.5

Without much talking, below is how you can enjoy the Glo unlimited free browsing cheat with the latest Tweakware V5.5 app.

How to enjoy Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat With Latest Tweakware V5.5 VPN Apk

Configure your APN as below:
APN: glosecure
Proxy: clear everything to be empty
Port: clear everything to be empty
Username: secure
Password: secure

Tweakware V5.5 Settings:

1. Now, You need to download Latest Tweakware version HERE

2. Launch the Tweakware VPN V5.5 apk

3. In Server menu, select any of the free server, that’s if you aren’t premium user.

4. Now go to the Tweaks list then select “Glo 0.0k”

5. Below, then click on Connect

When it connected, launch your browser or apps and start rocking..

Note that the speed of Glo network depends on locations, so if you are fortunate to have a stable Glo network coverage in your area then murder them (Glo) without no care 😁😁😂😂


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