Reloaded: Etisalat smartpak unlimited downloads is back, See how to activate it

Reloaded: Etisalat Smartpak Unlimited Downloads And Browsing Is Back

Etisalat smartpak unlimited downloads / browsing is back. I could remember, some years ago, we blaze this same unlimited package but the enjoyment ended the moment Etisalat adds data cap to the smartpak both social me and chat pak.

Back then when the smartpak unlimited was firstly crack, I know that a lot of guys really enjoyed the stuff. Many users were able to download files still they get tired. Lots of streaming was done with the package and many other things too.

Well, the new reloaded Etisalat chatpak smartpak unlimited downloads comes with a lot of pros and cons. See them below.

The Pros
The  reloaded Etisalat Smartpak package is now unlimited unlike before. Though, I only tested the chatpak weekly and so far,  have been able to download some files with it.

Etisalat Smartpak unlimited downloads

The package works with all apps on Android via Handler VPN apps and you can tethering it to Laptops or PC by using Tethernet, Pdanet and others.

Etisalat Smartpak unlimited downloads

The Cons 
The only way to enjoy the Etisalat smartpak/chatpak unlimited downloads on your Android phone is via using Handler VPN apps such as Psiphon, XP Psiphon and others.

I noticed that Psiphon and others are disconnecting when downloading large files but stable when using it to open webpages.  So if you are heavy downloader, you may find it challenging to use the Package to download large files.

Etisalat would throttle your internet speed when you download to some certain level. I’ve used all sort of bypassing methods but still not working, so if you can deal with the throttle speed palaba then you don’t have problem with the package.

Now that you already know the pros and cons of the package, will you still continue to sub for the Etisalat Smartpak package? If yes then continue reading below and if no then still continue to read below 😂😂.

How To Enjoy Etisalat Smartpak Unlimited Downloads

1. Make sure that you are on Easy cliq tariff plan (Migrate code *244*1#)

2. Now dial *200*3*3*1*2*1# to activate Etisalat Chatpak weekly for N150.

3. Download Psiphon 82 Handler VPN

4. Launch the Psiphon Handler VPN

5. Input this in your Psiphon Handler menu

Proxy Type: Real Host
Proxy server: viber.com
Now click on Save

Etisalat Smartpak unlimited downloads

6. Then go to your More Option settings and untick connect through Http Proxy 

Etisalat Smartpak unlimited downloads

7. Then click on Start and wait for few seconds for it to Connect

Etisalat Smartpak unlimited downloads

That’s all guys….

Share your thoughts about the reloaded etisalat smartpack unlimited downloads via the comment section below. 

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