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Rumor: Itel Working on S11 Pro with 2GB RAM + 8GB ROM

Weeks ago, Itel Mobile launched the S31 which is the second addition to itel smartphone selfie series. As you know, the Itel S31 is the successor to the S11 and it is now on sale for N35,000 at 3C HUB outlet while it will be available on online stores from January 25th 2017.

Speaking of the S11, the smartphone is powered with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage and other specs. A lot of itel fans has been complaining of the tech company producing 1GB of RAM smartphone but it seems the tech company is about to bow to the pressure by releasing a 2GB RAM smartphone. According to my leak, the 2GB RAM will be a feature on the upgrade of S11, simply means that they are working on S11 Pro.
Itel S11 Pro
Rumour suggests that the S11 Pro would be powered with 2GB of RAM and 8GB ROM. Well to me, itel Mobile working on 2GB RAM is a welcome development but using that kind of RAM size in 8GB ROM is not okay, at least, they could match it with 16GB ROM,  it would have been perfect collaboration.
For now,  there’s limited information about the S11 Pro but once I get more update about the phone, I will let you know but before then, what are your suggestions about the S11 Pro in 2GB RAM + 8GB ROM. Kindly share your thoughts below.


  1. itel series gulur ram rom gulu kkno specifically miltese jnno akdm bajje lagw ei set ta… baki sob tikei ase…akta te 16 gb rom dile ram dei 1gb matro..abr ram ta babarale rom dei 2gb…eta ki company buje kore na nki onno kno bisoy??


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