Facebook will soon start to monetize your Facebook videos

Facebook is set to bring another medium of revenue to the 1billion Facebook users. Yes, Facebook will soon start to pay publishers or users for uploading videos on Facebook, though, they’re are bringing ads to the videos you upload on Facebook and it will be like the ones of YouTube but will be in another dimension.

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So you want to bring your copycat behavior here? Huh?

 In YouTube, for every videos that is monetize then it usually start with a 5sec advertisement which can be skipped after 6sec. While in the Facebook videos monetization program, it won’t be like that because Mark Zuckerberg himself also hates the first 5sec advertisement, so they’re introduction mid-roll ads to Facebook videos.

Facebook monetization

The mid-roll ads will be shown after you’ve watched a video for just 20 seconds. Thankfully it’ll be will only be available for videos that are at least up to 2 minutes long, but they still have the potential to make people stop watching Facebook videos after the initial 20 seconds.

Currently, Mid-roll ads have already been tested for live videos, but the new rollout will now include all videos on Facebook. Facebook will be sharing ad revenue with the content creators, keeping 45% of all sales for itself – just like YouTube does.
For now, this still in the testing phase, but if it proves successful then expect most videos you see on Facebook to become ad-infested pretty soon.

I think it should have an opt in option due to privacy issues on Facebook. Facebook would not want to infringe on user privacy by adding ads without permission from users.

This is the first chance many publishers will have at monetizing their Facebook videos. Facebook users are already watching 100 million hours of video per day, so this will also bag the social network some nice amounts of cash.


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