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Tips: How To Make Your Phone Data Subscription Last The Whole Month

Data is a high commodity, the only way to really enjoy spending it is by knowing how to conserve it. Especially now that we just dodged the new regulations NCC was about to enforce phew!- We’ve found a few tips that should be useful to you.

Use Wi-Fi In Most Cases

Adjust your WiFi setting to automatically connect to your Office or Home Wi-Fi network. Everyone loves Wi-Fi connection wherever they can get it, just make sure the connection is secure, then save the network so the connection can be automatic.
When downloading large files, use Wi-Fi. You’re one of those who does a lot of live-stream with your mobile device, your mobile subscription will take up more data, quickly.
Set all your apps to update automatically via Wi-Fi. If you insist on updating your small apps with mobile network, then stop your apps from automatic updates so you can choose when and what to update.

Manage your notifications

If you love your apps, then you probably have a lot of notifications to match. You may not know this but each notification counts and can also consume data. While some apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the likes, maybe not bee necessary for timely notification. Disabling them will bring you one step closer to saving more data.

Some apps you should turn off, others you uninstall

Locking your device doesn’t stop your apps from consuming data. Apps that use location services, like your uber should be closed. When your ride is over, turn off till you need another ride- The same thing goes for your Google maps or any other GPS locator you use.
If you haven’t used an app in 3–6 months, you may never use it. Uninstall. Some of these apps run in the background and may not only waste data but can also drain your battery.

Ask your Mobile network to provide usage alerts

A lot of people never know when their data is exhausted. It only matters the moment they realise they can’t the internet connection is weak or not connecting. So choose a mobile network provider that sends a text or email when you’re at 90 per cent and 100 per cent of your monthly data limit. MTN currently does that- if you’re using a mobile network that does, hail them in the comments.

Keep your connection 3G — most of the time

The only acceptable internet connection offering right now isn’t just 4G but 4G LTE. Yes, it’s faster and more enjoyable but since it consumes data faster than you’d like, the better option is to keep your surfing 3G or reserve the LTE connection for when you’re having trouble accessing a page or using one of your favourite apps.I hope these above pieces of information works for you too.



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