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Download Latest QueenCee VPN V8 Infinity APK

In the last couple of months, I share with you Queencee VPN V7. If you have once used this VPN, you will agree with me that there are lot of errors in the VPN app and due to this issues, most users find it difficult to rock freebie trick with the VPN.

Well, the developer of the app (Dzebb) has redesigned the VPN and they just release the latest version  РQueenCee V8 VPN Infinity.

QueenCee VPN V8 Infinity is free Virtual Private Network app, it comes with handler menu settings which let you apply some tricks in other to enjoy freebie with it. Queencee V8 is the upgrade of QueenCee V7, it also comes with different interface and design. The VPN also features 7  different countries IPs Locations with India, Spain and Korea IP. The VPN makes it possible for you to surf the net anonymously.




I also notice that the QueenCee V8 Infinity is more stable than the older version and it does not automatically clear setting like the previous version. The app size is quite reasonable, meaning that is not much and the app is not consuming battery like Psiphon handler.

If you like to rock this latest version of QueenCee VPN, then download the apk HERE.




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