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Zoto is back, Get free N1000 from Zoto now [iOS & Android]

Zoto app is here again with dashing out free One Thousand Niara just like they did last three months but this time, Zoto is not chilling at all. They have learned from their previous flopped and make a lot of upgrading/changes to the Zoto referral program and is now strict and better

Well, Zoto has been around since last week and guys are already benefiting from the offer. Zoto new Terms & Policy now don’t let you use more than one ATM for Zoto account but there is way around it which will let you use your ATM twice or three times for different Zoto account by not saving your ATM for future payment for any account, make sure you untick the part that will ask you to save your ATM card for future payment is found in the part where you will ask to input your ATM card cvv. Untick save for faster checkout.

Now that you already know some of the new Rules then proceed with the below steps carefully then am sure that you will surely get free N1000 airtime by just buying Airtime of N50.


How To Get Free N1000 From Zoto App
  • You need to download ZOTO App from Playstore
  • After downloading then launch the ZOTO app
  • Input your mobile number and click on proceed
  • Wait for few seconds in other to get your number verified by ZOTO then after that proceed
  • Then you will asked to fill in your name, email and referral code which is JAMESW11 then submit the info in other to successfully create account with ZOTO
  • Now proceed in Top-up your line with the at least N50 via the ZOTO app
  • Now enter N50 and the click on proceed
  • Now you will asked to input your debit cards details [Visa, Master or verve] (Don’t worry your card details is safe)
  • After successfully payment for the N50 Airtime then free N1000
    airtime will be credited to your ZOTO cash account and you can use it to
    recharge your phone anywhere, anytime
  • You can earn up to N50,000

1. Don’t skip where you will have to input referral code
2. Without the Referral code, you wouldn’t get the N1000
3. The N1000 will be in your Zoto cash and is going to appear their 30min – 40minutes after you successfully recharge  the N50.

Enjoy free money from Zoto………


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