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List Of Nigeria Internet Network Provider 4G LTE Bands

Now that 4G LTE networks is now dominating Nigeria, it will be good for you to actually know the types of 4G LTE bands which our Internet Service Provider works with it.

Well, unlike GPRS, EDGE and 3G networks that don’t select network band that they operate with it and having full supports on all major devices/smartphones we have in Nigeria, 4G LTE is not like that, each Internet Service Provide have their own 4G LTE bands which they use to transmit the LTE service and our smartphones in one way or other doesn’t support all the 4G LTE bands.

So, when buying new smartphones, it is now a mandatory for you [if you are the type that fancy 4G LTE network] to check if the phone you are buying actually support the type of LTE bands which our network operators are using in transmitting their 4G LTE in other for you not to be disappointed after buying the phone and they tells you that the 4G LTE bands which your device support does not compatible with the LTE bands we have in Nigeria.

Ntel, MTN, Glo and Etisalat has successfully rolled out their 4G LTE network in some parts of the country and they kind of operate on different 4G LTE bands, though I have been able to complied a list on which particular bands they support, so check them below:

List Of Nigeria Internet Network Provider 4G LTE Bands

1. Ntel 4G LTE supports bands: 3(1800) and 8(900)

2. MTN 4G LTE supports bands: 7(2600MHz) (800/1800/2100MHz)

3. Glo 4G LTE supports band: 28(700MHz)

4. Etisalat support band 3(1800MHz)

All you need is to buy a phone that has supports of 4G LTE bands of 3(1800), 20(800) and 28(700). Though, have listed out some of the trending devices in Nigeria that supports almost all the above bands, just check them out yourself HERE.




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