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iOS 10 release today: See how to update your iPhone and iPad to the lastest version

Today,  Apple released the latest iOS version which is known as iOS 10. Though the iOS 10 has been available in beta version for a few months and most of those who were able to experience the beta version will already have to know how the iOS 10 be like. Well, now that iOS 10 is available, you might be thinking on how you can update your current Apple OS to this latest version while don’t worry, the updating is quite simple.

One thing you should know is that The update is only available for those that own an iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, or newer. Similarly, iOS 10 will be available for
the 6th-generation iPod Touch, the 4th-generation iPad and newer, and
the iPad Mini 2 and all of the Minis that came after it. If you are in the train of these above iOS generation mentioned above then here is how you can upgrade to Apple’s
the latest version of iOS

How To Upgrade To iOS 10 Latest Version

  • First of all, find your Settings icon on your home screen and tapped it
  • Now look for the sub menu labeled “General,” and tapped it also
  • Now look for “Software Update,” which will
    prompt your iPhone or iPad to search for any available updates coming
    directly from Apple.
  • Once your device finds iOS 10 it’ll prompt you to download and install the update.
  • Once the update is done downloading, hit the “Install Now” button that
    pops up and sits back as iOS 10 is applied to your device.
  • After the update has been applied, your device will restart and you’ll
    be taken through a setup process for the new features arriving in iOS 10
  • Then that’s all
If you still don’t understand the above whole process then the below image instructions will help you make it understandable for you.


Note that your battery must be above 50% or fully changed before you proceed with the updating.



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