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Google Finally Reply Microsoft & Opera, Chrome Now Faster And More Battery Friendly

If you have been following, In June, Microsoft Started the pissing contest by comparing the new Edge browser power saving mode with Opera, Google Chrome and Mozilla browsers which the result shows that the Edge browser saves Laptop battery life more than another browser while they also show that Google chrome kills Laptop battery life most.

Then some weeks follow, Opera reply Microsoft by conducting there own browser battery saving mode and the result shows that Opera has improved on the battery saving mode and they boast of having the browser that saves laptop battery life most.

Now, Google has finally broken its silence and has put out its own “play video until computer
time-lapse to show just how long its browsers last. But unlike
tests from Opera or Microsoft, Google only pitted its Chrome against another Chrome, one from a year in the past.

This Google chrome test shows that the Chrome browser has undergo optimizations and improvements. How do we know? The test was conducted against two Chrome different versions, The Chrome V46 and Chrome V53. The Chrome V46 is 2015 released and it can “play the video until computer dies” for 8Hrs 27Min when watching videos on sites like Youtube, Vimeo, and Facebook while the Chrome V53 is 2016 released and said to have added a little over two hours to “identical laptops” battery lives which makes the total “play the video until computer dies” time lapse to be 10Hrs 39Min when watching videos on sites like Youtube, Vimeo, and Facebook.

With these tests, we now know the  browsers saves Laptop battery life when watching videos on sites like Vimeo, Youtube, and Facebook. Now, Mozilla Firefox seems to be the only one left behind as they are yet to reply to this power-saving contest.

Watch Google Chrome  Battery Test

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