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TechPlus2016: How To Get MTN 7GB For N2000 Data Plan


UPDATE: If you are just thinking of activating the MTN 7GB/14GB/18GB data for N2000 then you already missed it, see why.

This is one of the craziest data deal MTN could ever embark on. A deal that lets you enjoy 100% of what you pay for. In this year Africa’s largest Tech gathering hosted by TechPlus, MTN collaborated with TechPlus to unveil a data plan that let you and I enjoy 7GB for N2000.

Before this event, MTN Normally have a data plan of 3.5GB data for N2000 but this time, MTN at TechPlus applied the multipliers effect that gives you 7GB of data for just N2000. Though, that does not mean that MTN has scrapped 3.5GB for N2000 data plan and replace it with this 7GB for N2000.

Alongside this 7GB for N2000, MTN also unveils a weekend promo called WowWeekend. This also lets you enjoy free 100mb when you recharge N200 and Free 1GB data when you recharged above N500. With this WowWeekend data offer, you will get a free bonus of 2GB of data after you have recharged the N2000,
I mean the one you want to use for the 7GB data plan then after activation of the 7GB for N2000, you will now have a total of 9GB worth of data plan.

Well, all this is happening cause of the strong sponsorship of MTN to the TechPlus event. Now, how will you enjoy the 7GB for N2000? yeah, it’s quite simple.

How To Get MTN 7GB For N2000 Data Plan?

  • Load N2000 on your MTN line
  • Text 2016 to 131 and you’ll receive a message that you have been credited with 7GB on Tech+ 100% Dealzone.

Note that this 7GB for N2000 is likely to be a limited data offer. so
don’t miss out and remember that it works with all devices.
Anyway, All Thanks to Techplus2016 and to MTN also.



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