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Inside Look: Google Is Inviting All Computer Science Students Graduating in 2017

I don’t think you need an Angel to tell you that Google is one of the best companies in the world to work for. time for time, they are have been running various programs but part of there programs that interest us most now or let me say that the one that is making you read this post now is the Inside Look.

Inside Look is an avenue for Google to showcase part of there advancement in there research to people. The Inside Look is taking like a event where different people will come from various countries to participate in the event.

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Yeah, Google inside look is offering Computer Science Students [CSC] graduating in
2017, from Universities in Europe, Middle East and Africa, a chance to
visit Google Warsaw and Google Zürich. In this event, they will be lots of tech discussion, panel sessions, and
practical workshops and also free foods.

The interesting thing here now is that, once your application is approved then Google will take care of your travel expenses. Yeah have already submitted mine and patiently waiting for approval message. So guys, if you are also Computer Science Student [CSC] like me and also will be graduating in 2017. I think its will be great for you to apply too.

Click Here to Apply and make sure that you submit the form before 24th of July 2016.



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