Firefox Nightly Let You Login Multiple Account On The Same Site With Just One Browser

Yeah, Am quite sure that am not the only one with multi gmail account, multi Facebook account, multi Twitter account, multi nairaland account, multi instagram account and others account like that. Well, you can’t blame me for having this multiple accounts cause this accounts are meant for my online biz.

The problem now comes when I need to access this accounts at the same time. For example, I need to check a mail in A gmail account while am already logged in to B gmail account in my browser and same time am also expecting a mail in my C gmail account which I need to reply ASAP. As you know, before I can access this three gmail account (A, B, C) is either I installed up to three different browsers on my PC or I manually logged in and out those account one after the other.

Well, the both methods will worked but is not easy. So I decided to look for better options that will allow me login up to three gmail account simultaneously and on the same browser without them disruption each other.  During my findings I meant various plugins that can do the Job but they flopped so I ignored them and keep finding until I finally meet this life saving Firefox Nightly.

Firefox Nightly allows you to login four different account on a particular website and on one browser. That simply means that, I can login my three gmail account (AB, C) in the same browser window via container Tab feature. With its, I now easily use my multiple Facebook accounts without difficulty and is now easy then before.

How Does Firefox Nightly Container Tab Works?

You can start using Containers in Nightly Firefox 50 by opening a New Container Tab. Go the File Menu (If you can’t find your File Menu, just hit the alt key to access the File Menu) and select the “New Container Tab” option. Choose between Personal, Work, Shopping, and Banking.

Now, I can login my A gmail account to Personal container Tab, then login my B gmail account to Work container Tab and login my C gmail account to Shopping or Banking Container Tab. The three account can be used at the same time without obstructing  each other.

How Is That So? 

The Firefox Nightly Container tab doesn’t separate your browser data. Each container tab
still share the same bookmarks, saved searches, saved form
data, permissions and certificates. However, sites data are separated.
This means cookies, browsing cache, indexedDB and localStorage data for
each container tab are stored differently.

How To Download The Firefox Nightly 

You can download the Nightly version of Firefox here.


Personally, have been using this Firefox Nightly Container Tab since last month and it has been doing great. If you are someone like me with multiple accounts then you can give it a trial and you will thank me later.


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