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New Record Set: Instagram Hits 500 Million Users, 300 Million Use it Every Day

Instagram announced today that over 500million users now use their service while over 300million users of those people using it every day. That’s a lot of Selfies pictures, food photos, gratuitous humble-brags. Instagram also stated that 80% of users are currently outside of the US. With this percentage, You will agree that Instagram had already gained ground globally.

Records also show that these huge numbers of Instagram users are not only browsing through the photo and video feeds rather Over 95millions pictures or clips are shared each day, on average, with 4.2
billion likes tapped out per day, on average. That’s pretty

As you know that Instagram was bought by Facebook in 2012 for about $1bn (£677m), and ever since then, they haven’t stopped trying to make it even easier to make photos public. One-touch sharing in iOS was added back in June, for instance, while support for longer videos and a new Explore view in which to discover them promoted up to minute-long clips.




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