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Microsoft Edge Saves Battery Most Than Other Browsers (Video)

Right from the on-set, web browser owners challenge themselves in various means like a challenge in the performance and quality of their web browser then go further in extensions and add-ons challenge but now its seems they ported to another challenge which is power consumption.

Just now, Microsoft brag that its Edge web browser is the most efficient at power management then pointed to Google Chrome has battery sucker.

Microsoft conduct a test that shows that the Edge web browser is battery friendly than any other browser especially Google chrome, They set up 4 identical Surface Book laptops each running four different
browsers, namely: Opera, Firefox, Chrome and Edge. The test was conducted to know the browser that will drain the unplugged laptop faster.


However, Microsoft stated that the Surface Book running Chrome was the first to say bye-bye after four hours and 20 minutes. Firefox was the next that give up the ghost after five hours and 9 minutes, and Opera
followed suit after six hours and 18 minutes then Microsoft beat them all out, giving users 7 hours and 22 minutes of video streaming time. Long enough to finish your favorite trilogy, says Microsoft.

Microsoft concludes that the PC running Edge lasted 70 percent longer
than the PC running Chrome, 43 percent longer than the one running
Firefox, and 17 percent longer than the one with Opera. They even went
as far as releasing an aggregated telemetry data from millions of
Windows 10 computers that reveal both Microsoft Edge and Firefox are
more efficient than Chrome.

With this few test, Microsoft has shown to you the battery saving web browser to use especially if you are the type that have an issue with your PC battery. Anyway, Thanks to Microsoft for revealing this… Am waiting to hear from Google soon.. lol

Source: Microsoft




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